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Brother TZE2312PK 1/2-inch Standard Laminated P-Touch Tape, Black on White, 26.2 Feet (2-Pack)

I bought some of these for my new Brother label printer back in June of this year (2016). ..and have been steadily plowing through them as I label my new crafting studio stuff. ….and I have a BIG caveat to all who are considering both the P-Touch label maker that uses the TZe-type tape and most definitely the TZe tape. While this version of the printer tape has some tremendously helpful improvements versus previous Brother label types, it also has a terrible issue that negates all of the good TANGLES (much like cassette audio tapes used to tangle up as they wore out), most often just after it has printed out the first or second label of the cassette. These cassettes are far to expensive to have this happen with such regularity, as the entire cassette is ruined when this happens. I have two much older versions of Brother printers, using the smaller version of the label cassettes, and over many years, none of those cassettes ever tangled. Since this doesn’t happen with every tape (as noted, I have been using them since June with periodic problems with this issue), I assume it is a matter of faulty tape cassettes, not a faulty label printer. My beef is this: there is NO way to contact anyone about this issue. I cannot return the flawed cassettes to Amazon, quite rightly, as the return window of time has passed. Since there was no way to ascertain which cassette would crap out, and none did for the first ten weeks, I could not take advantage of Amazon’s excellent return policy. I have not been successful in reaching the Brother company, based in New Jersey (the product is made in Japan). So caveat emptor, indeed. I am so disappointed in this for not living up to the previously great reputation of Brother products. Hopefully reviews like this on a major selling platform like Amazon might be picked up by the company. ……..and perhaps they will take note of the fact that they have made it difficult for consumers to contact them and make any kind of connection regarding their product. Check it out!

Product Description This tape features our exclusive laminated tape process and our standard adhesive. Perfect for everyday applications. These labels stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments. Best suited for smooth flat surfaces. From the Manufacturer Compatible with all Brother P-touch TZ Machines, this Two Tape Value Pack features black print on white tape. What’s in the Box Pack of two tapes for all TZ machines.

Brother TZE2312PK 1/2-inch Standard Laminated P-Touch Tape, Black on White, 26.2 Feet (2-Pack) Review

As I’m a labeling freak, I purchased two label makers. One is battery operated and the other is plug in. While there are colors available, I prefer the laminated black on white tape. I have many many garden markers that I use to keep the names of my daylilies and clematis straight. I like to know from one year to the next what beautiful blooms I’m looking at and as I have so many plants and my mind gets more senior with each passing year, I find that the labels are invaluable. Some of these markers have been outside for three years or more and the label is as crisp and fresh as the day it was printed, truly a terrific quality product. Our Ozark summers can be brutal and the winds and rain of the winters bone chilling, but the markers stay in tip top shape. I also like to label my storage boxes in my basement and on shelves around the house and I prefer to use quart Mason jars ( a habit I inherited from my Mother years and years ago) to store rice, pasta, bisquick, small batches of different flours that I use in baking. These labels adhere and don’t let go, nice and neat in my cabinets. I always keep at least one extra cartridge on hand. -Read Reviews-

Brother genuine TZe laminated tape is durable, fade and water resistant

Labels won’t smudge or smear – suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Brother TZe tape comes in a variety of colors and sizes

Split back makes Brother TZe tape easy to peel and apply

For use with: PT-1230PC, PT-9600, PT-D200, PT-D400, PT-D400AD, PT-D400VP, PT-D450, PT-D600, PT-D600VP, PT-H100, PT-H300, PT-H300LI, PT-H500LI, PT-P700, PT-P750W

I purchased this product 6 months ago, and the first cartridge failed on me due to a defect. I can see a ton of white tape in there, but unfortunately the cartridge will no longer dispense the white tape. All attempts to repair have been a failure. On top of bad design of the corresponding printer which uses far more tape than is necessary, the fact that I had to buy an external cord separately to power it reliably and the constant resetting of my settings to again use more tape than it necessary; this was really the last straw. Brother — why don’t you try making good products instead of designing for maximum short term revenue?

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