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Broken Prince Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Erin Watt (Author),

After the first book, I was quick to pre-order the second book once the option became available. I finished up my book awhile ago and Im unsure how I felt about it. Once I was finished, I had a complete sense of déjà vu and I just sat there wondering how on earth I could have missed the similarities with the first book as well. This book it really reminded me of Tijan and The Fallen Crest High series. Now granted, the books are different in their own way but I finished up with Broken Prince and all I could think about was how much it reminded me of the FC series. The fact that Ella and Reed were step-siblings (kind of), the unnecessary animosity and hate from the brothers and that Elle remains in-different or unfazed by it, the fact that they rule the school and get away with committing the MOST ridiculous and heinous offences (which border on completely and totally unbelievable by the way) and Easton, who kind of loves Ella (its said that he doesnt, but the similarities to Fallen are still there). It wasnt only the storyline that had similarities but it was also just the entire book. The feel, the drama. Everything. To be fair Im kind of disappointed as I didnt really pick up on it during the first book and now Im wondering if I just missed it or if the second book is where the similarities came into play. I might be in the minority of people who think this (I havent read other reviews yet). Another thing that bugged me was the school. Is the author rich? Or did she do some sort of extensive research and discover that ridiculously wealthy teenagers do in-fact get away with attempted rape, shaving other students balled, getting into weekly fights, stripping down other students to their underwear and then taping that student to the wall where the entire student body just laugh and stare instead of helping? Do wealthy teenagers at elite schools rule the school without consequence, where even the teachers and principle witness these events but completely turn a blind eye because they know whos REALLY in charge of the school (if you missed my point, its the students, not the principle or teachers)???? Is this real life? Obviously I know its not, but I feel like theres a fine line between taking liberties with the truth and real life and then just going full hog in the opposite direction. Other things that annoyed me: The whole Brooke situation. Youre telling me that a simple DNA test couldnt have cleared up the fact that it wasnt Reeds baby? Or Callums? That pretty much the entire family suspect or know about Reed and Brooke, but again, say nothing? And choose to just go along with this pregnancy and have Callum marry Brooke, just because?! Granted Callum calls for one in the end of the book, but the fact that Reed just chose to go along with it instead of being honest with his dad, and getting a DNA test is beyond me. Also, the older brother (his name eludes me as I write this), sleeping with Denah because shes blackmailing him? Again, why not go to Callum? Or the cops? Daniel- he attempts to have Reed killed, he tried to rape Ella in the first book and proceeds to just be an absolutely all around D**K throughout the entire 2 books and Ella refuses to go to the cops? And for that matter no-one else encourages her too either? They know hes done it to several girls before, they know he will continue to do it to others and yet no-one has the good sense to report it? Seriously, the stupidity of these people is astounding and I was annoyed that the author chose to have Daniel shipped away to military school instead of having him thrown in jail where he so obviously deserved to be. The thing is. I want to know what happens and how this all ends. And Im not sure if thats through good writing on the authors part or if Im just a chump. In any case, Im miffed that this, again, had a big cliff hanger and that Im forced to buy yet another book. I sincerely hope that the next book heads in a better direction, far far away from the Tijan, FC series. And that the 3rd book is the final installment (please dear god let that be it) Check it out!

Broken Prince Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Erin Watt (Author), Review

Im still reeling at the ending from this book. Like Paper Princess, Broken Prince is a compelling read from start-to-finish. Its easily read in one sitting. The difference with this book is that were introduced to Reeds POV as well. So, the story is told in alternating POVs. The book starts out a little before the end of book one, from Reeds perspective. Were left wondering where Ella has fled to, but were given deeper insight as to the very important question what was Brooke even doing in Reeds room in the first place?We can see that Ella running out on the Royals has created some friction in the family dynamic and it tears them apart. Everyone at school sees it, but the Royals are mostly freezing Reed out because they know hes why Ella left. When Ella does get dragged back into their lives, she feels lied to and cant forgive Reed for what shes witnessed. If I thought the first book had little in way of plot, this somehow hadless. In a way, its just a will they/wont they question about Ella and Reed getting back together. The kids at school are just as awful to Ella, if not worse. There are ramifications for Daniels very existence, the guy who tried to date rape Ella in Paper Princess. Brooke is playing games with the family and twisting everyone around her little finger. Im still not sure what to make of Val and Tam or if thats just a weak storyline since we never see him. Its just all in the periphery of Ellas POV, so theres really not much to know there besides, yay, Val has her own life and used to be seeing someone? I also wonder about Sawyer, Sebastian, and Laurens situation, but none of the characters seem to know either. Seeing things from Reeds perspective was definitely interesting. It did creep me out somewhat to how possessive and pushy he is at times trying to get back with Ella. But then he also came across as caring and enduring other times trying to win her back. Its all very confusing and I still dont know where I stand with Reed. Does he just come off as predatory? Ellas a smart girl, but the way shes written is just making me feel torn about that whole thing. Shes seen her mom fall into bad relationships over and over again, and knows that Reed seems to be another one of those guys for her, but then shes gives into him time and time again. Maybe its the writing, but its not really making me side with Ella at all or making me ship her and Reed together. I dont really know what to make of Broken Prince except that it was a quick read with another cliffhanger ending. It was enjoyable even though it didnt quite have me by the edge of my seat flipping through the pages like the first book. Theres some nice heart-to-heart moments between some of the characters that I liked reading about and finally knowing that Callum isnt a complete pushover. I will read Twisted Palace just to see how this series will end, but its already been a wild ride. -Read Reviews-

I didn’t enjoy the storyline of Broken Prince as much as I did Paper Princess. I was hoping Ella would date other people, maybe even Easten because I like them together better than Ella and Reed. The ending was just crazy, as if Reed never learned his lesson from book one. The kiss with Wade was perfect. I needed more of that. I didn’t feel there was much of a story, more of a filler between book one and three but I finished it in a day.

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