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Bright Star

While I came to enjoy this soundtrack a great deal, I admit that the unconventional format took me by surprise. Rather than simply giving us the musical score of the movie BRIGHT STAR, this recording combines music, dialogue, and Keats’ poetry, distilling them into a short but moving program. We start with “Negative Capability,” an instrumentally backed conversation between Ben Whishaw (John Keats) and Abbie Cornish (Fanny Brawne) about the nebulous nature of poetry. This piece might also be taken as instruction to the listener about how to approach the rest of the CD–not necessarily with a destination in mind, but in a spirit of expansion and possibility. The selections that follow demonstrate how melody, speech, and rhythm can come together and create an almost three-dimensional sensory experience that transports the listener INTO the film. I felt like an invisible entity listening in on Keats and Brawne. Particular high points include, “The Human Orchestra,” an amazing vocal arrangement that sends chills down my spine every time I hear it, and actor Ben Whishaw’s readings of Keats’ poems “La Belle Dam Sans Merci” and “Ode to a Nightingale,” understated performances that resonate with emotion. So, although this soundtrack is not quite what I expected when I decided to purchase it, I am glad that I gave it a chance. Check it out!

Bright Star Review

This is a short soundtrack, it only plays for 23 minutes roughly and yet that only reminds me of the short life of John Keats who died in his mid twenties. The whole soundtrack is beautifully composed, I cannot over state it enough really, the intensity of the music strikes anyone who listens to it, even if only fleetingly and this is not only the beauty of the score but that it is laced with dialogue from the film which makes this soundtrack very moving indeed and makes you think back to your own first love. This is an ideal recording to give as a gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend, perhaps this soundtrack was put together to be used for that very purpose. -Read Reviews-

Beautiful music and evocative, emotional words combine to make this a soul enriching listen.

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