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Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright

Seems like a well-made bag, but unfortunately we have to send it back to Amazon. Given the good reputation, the positive Amazon reviews (many of which you’ll notice are from people who received the bag for free as part of the "Amazon Vine Program" in exchange for their reviews) and the fact that "carry-on" is part of the bag’s name, I had no worries about the size of the bag when purchasing it. When preparing to use it on a European trip I knew it was likely to be too big, but measured it as I wanted to see how close it might be,It turns out, it’s much too large even to use as a US carry on! I re-measured multiple times because my numbers seem so off. The absolute smallest measurements of this bag (if you squeeze in all of the flexible parts) are 23" x 14. 75" x 9". The pictures may not make that totally clear, given the difficulties of holding a camera and measuring tape at the same time, but believe me, I WANTED this bag to be small enough to use. In fact, even the item description (now that I look at it in detail) lists the length of the bag 22. 5", which is already too long to meet US carry on standards, and those manufacturer stated sizes never include the wheels/feet. This all leaves me very confused about the reviewer (one who received a free bag in exchange for their review) who gave the dimensions as being a full 2 inches shorter than mine, and 1. 5 INCHES SHORTER THAN THE MANUFACTURER STATED DIMENSIONS. Granted, it’s very close to US sizes. .. but again, what I measured is the SQUEEZED size. There’s no way you’ll fit this into a bag-sizer if you are asked to. I have a Swissgear bag that measures about an inch smaller, and even that one takes a great deal of effort and strength to fit in. So basically, if you want to use this bag you’ll surely appreciate it’s construction and features. You can slip it by as a carry-on on most flights, and it will likely fit fine into the overhead compartments. HOWEVER, anyone who has traveled in the last year or so has likely seen that even the larger US airlines (American, Delta, United, etc) are getting much more strict about using the bag sizers. I’ve been pulled aside twice when boarding with the Swissgear bag I mentioned above. That one just makes it. This one will not, and you’ll be on the hook for $50-$100 fee to check the bag at the gate. You can’t even point to the manufacturers sizing, as even they admit it’s too big. Make sure you are comfortable with that scenario every time you try to sneak through the line at boarding. For me, that is just not acceptable, and I consider myself lucky that I found this out before using it. Check it out!

When one carry-on bag is your only option, the domestic expandable carry-on upright steps up to the challenge. The ideal luggage for a 2-4 day trip, this bag is packed with features that will not only add a method to your packing madness, but move you through security with ease

Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright Review

Love, love love this suitcase. Most reviews are by men on business trips so I wanted to provide a review that would be directed to women. This suitcase holds all the clothes I needed for a week long vacation with room to spare. The hanging compartment held five knit tops, three light spring jackets, a skirt, and 3 pair of slacks. In the other compartments I packed a hair dryer, curling iron, 2 pair shoes, small sized toiletries, makeup, 2 pajamas. There was enough room for the trip back to add several T-shirts, and a variety of souvenirs. My husband has used his Briggs & Riley for 10 years. I have been considering a Briggs & Riley suitcase for myself but it seemed too expensive. When we would travel for both business and pleasure, I would have difficulty packing my suitcase, while my husband would pack his Briggs & Riley quickly and could fit so much more and his clothes were not wrinkled like mine were. His suitcase fit easily into the overhead compartment while mine would not. After replacing suitcases every 2-3 years I finally decided on this Briggs & Riley. It is so much easier to pack, fit in the overhead, and it even has a computer compartment, and a mesh pocket that to keep my water bottle, books, sandwich all within reach. -Read Reviews-

100% Nylon


21″ high

Simple as that lifetime warranty even covers airline damage.

Transcend collection

Relaxed, proven functionality for faster, easier getaways, transcend luggage is smartly designed and lightweight, the essential qualities that seasoned travelers insist upon

Lightweight, durable 100 percent nylon two-tone twill fabric resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion

This is an excellent carry-on. It holds a lot of what you need to travel with. I’ve already used it for a trip to the U.K. that lasted 11 days, along with a Briggs & Riley medium sized suitcase. it worked beautifully. I’m now on another trip, this time only using the carry-on, for a weeks-long vacation visiting a friend. the construction by B&R is excellent, the color is very nice and easy to spot, the way the inside is arranged is optimal for packing. I’m very satisfied.

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