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Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Medium Expandable Upright

Background: I am an avid fan of Briggs & Riley and own several of their products as my other reviews and Amazon purchases demonstrate. I purchased this bag for overseas travel for family because Briggs & Riley bags generally stand up to abuse very well and as much as we travel, this is a huge deal. You don’t want your underwear on the floor of the airport because a cheap bag split open. You will notice I have a Briggs bag reviewed that I purchased five years ago and I adore it and still use it for every trip!Now to the review:I must confess, I was deeply disappointed in this bag compared to my other purchases of similar, albeit earlier models. The exterior handle on this bag is terrible compared to previous bags and it was difficult to maneuver due to the extreme flexibility of the handle. The handle feels like it was made for a box store bag. I was constantly frustrated as this, among four Briggs bags, needed continuous attention because the handle doesn’t stand up to fast and tough airport movement. Whereas one can really push and pull the older bags over cracks, bumps, escalators, with little concern for delicacy, this handle requires white glove, china shop treatment. It is cheaply made. Can’t hate it enough. Similarly, the tightening straps for over packing are also much cheaper and thinner, and are not as easily muscled. The clasps are especially cheap and tiny. I have medium sized hands for a man and fumbled with these clasps. A child could perhaps use them, but children don’t buy Briggs bags. Can’t say much worse about the straps compared to older models. This is an example where older is better. Briggs needs to address the handle and straps issue or they will lose a faithful customer here. The zipper is also garbage compared to earlier models. Does not zip easily when the bag is stretched and threads are thin and less durable than the better quality brand zipper of old. The external pocket on the lid is smaller and less effective than previous models. I gave two stars because the nylon seems unchanged and Briggs nylon is tough and generally liquid resistant. The wheels are also good quality, at least so far, but I fear to trust them given the cheaper quality of everything else here. All in all, I cannot recommend this bag as Briggs seems to have given up quality here for some reason. I’m guessing they are hoping for more profit. Well, that profit will go to Tumi or some other company if the quality slips like this on all bags. For a working stiff who wants to invest in good quality, but can’t afford to just throw $360 down the drain, I won’t buy this bag again. Check it out!

The bag designed for those who refuse to leave anything behind. Its lightweight construction lets you pack to your heart’s content without worrying about overweight fees. Spacious main compartment and large exterior pockets hold a myriad of odd-shaped items.

Briggs & Riley BRX Explore Medium Expandable Upright Review

On my first long trip with it where it’s been checked. So far pretty good. Solid workmanship and materials of course. Nice and light. Sides not as structured as regular suitcase but the straps tighten up everything nicely. Bought this bag actually as a backup to my mid-size Boyt which needed repairs (I don;t buy anything without full guarantees anymore, but explains why I didn’t buy the Baseline model). Boyt has had my bag for several weeks now – pretty annoying – so glad i picked this up. -Read Reviews-

100% Lightweight/Durable 420D Nylon/600D Polyester And Water-Resistant Tarpaulin; Outer Fabrics Resist Wear/Moisture/Dirt And Abrasion


Fabric lining

Zipper closure

Zipper Closure

25″ high

Simple as that lifetime warranty even covers airline damage.

I consider myself an adventurous person, and the mojo of this bag appealed to me. The totally impossible strapping system inside was a complete failure. There are no clips to fasten the strips in the center like typical luggage. You are required to hook the strap ends into loops fastened to the interior side of the bag. Which is terribly difficult once the bag is full of clothes. The construction materials were sturdy, but the bag is a soft sided bag which completely loses its shape once stuffed with your belongings. I found it unusable, and was forced to unpack, return this bag to amazon, and use my old bag. I was severely disappointed.

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