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BrainWeb Audiobook – Unabridged Douglas E. Richards (Author),

BrainWeb begins with the character Nick Hall trying to save the top actors at the Academy Awards from being executed one by one on TV by Islamic Jihadists. He does this by using his special ESP ability to guide a SpecOps assault at the risk of exposing his identity to those trying to capture him to use his ability for their own evil agendas. In particular, Nick and his love Megan are kidnapped by a psychopathic politician who wants Nick to learn secrets about his political rivals. Meanwhile, for other nefarious purposes, a powerful arms trafficker captures Nick’s close friend Alex who is the sole source of microcomputer brain implants that can access the internet. Then Nick’s confidant, black ops leader General Girdler, who’s trying to help Nick, Megan and Alex, is blamed for their abductions. A flurry of action follows, with Nick leading the way. But I won’t spoil the book for you by telling you more, except to say that the many adventures in BrainWeb are brilliantly created by the author. I’ve given 5 stars to all the N.Y. Times best-seller techno-thrillers written by Douglass E. Richards. One might call his novels "extended-science" fiction. They involve credible, yet undemonstrated as of 2015, phenomenology in fields including neurobiology, DNA research, microcomputer brain implants, psychopathy, and ESP. But none of this is at all tedious nor requires any knowledge of the field. This almost-believable technology is then embedded in gripping tales with deep backstories. Further, Richard’s books are flawlessly written, composed with outstanding word pictures, and, except for one early sequel, are all fully stand-alone reads. Check it out!

BrainWeb Audiobook – Unabridged Douglas E. Richards (Author), Review

How many other authors will take the time to send you a Facebook message telling you about their new book? While Richards has many fans, I’ve appreciated the fact that he takes the time to stay connected with his readers and he loves getting feedback. As to the book itself, Richards delivers everything I expected: thrilling twists, loads of action, and deep philosophical thought on technologies and issues that aren’t too far away. As with his other books, I read BRAIN WEB in a single sitting. Richards captures your attention and holds it–only letting you go at the conclusion, which is quite satisfying. He’s set the stage for a third book, though BRAIN WEB stands on its own. I would highly recommend MIND’S EYE (the "sequel"), but you will enjoy this book even if you haven’t read it. Get it now! -Read Reviews-

Nick Hall is back and taking the story to a new highlight. For me, Douglas Richards is evolving into a more advanced author. The start of the BrainWeb is quite horrific but too realistic to ignore. Combing action and technology was always a strong point of Douglas but this time the main characters are deepening as well. Clearly it is a work of fiction but based on quite real inventions and facts. It provides an interesting view on a potential future and related privacy concerns. But above a great adventure, I highly recommend it. And don’t worry if this is the first book you read of Richards, it works fine without the previous books. However, don’t be surprised If you get hooked on all the books 🙂

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