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Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener, 240 Count

Bounce has been my go-to brand when it comes to dryer sheets. My parents used them growing up and I continue to use them as an adult. I have researched other brands, attempting to find ones that are safer for the environment and safer in general for human use, but bounce continues to be the best product. Plus, these dryer sheets do a wonderful job as a mosquito repellent! Just rub a sheet on your exposed skin and clothes and it keeps those suckers at bay. It works great for spending an evening outside. Check it out!

Bounce dryer sheets are great for controlling static cling in fabrics. Plus, Bounce sheets help repel lint and hair, soften fabrics, and give you long-lasting freshness.

Bounce Outdoor Fresh Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener, 240 Count Review

Love the smell of fresh laundry dried on the clothesline and this is one of the ways I can get it as an urban dweller. Of course it performs well when it comes to eliminating static, softening, etc., but the smell is the main reason I buy this product. I accidentally ordered the Bounce Free and Gentle variety once, and it was a major letdown not to get the great scent of these Outdoor Fresh sheets. -Read Reviews-

Gives you long-lasting freshness

Controls static cling in fabrics

Helps repel lint and hair

Softens fabrics

Contains biodegradable cationic softeners

Box made from 100% Recycled Paper (35% Post-consumer)

These little sheets of Bounce add a freshness to fabrics that I have had trouble finding elsewhere. Scratchy, uncomfortable cottons just feel aggravating when compared to Bounce treated ones. I generally forego using Bounce in our towels batches; however, for the dogs’ towels I do. As a result of a recent increase in the black bear population, we are not at all surprised, now, to see out garbage can overturned and much of it strewn up and down the yards. We solved that problem by putting the can inside the garage each night and if there are some really stinky pieces of garbage in the can, it usually makes its way out and into the vehicle. It does not get too far because Bounce neutralizes the odor and when we drive out we do not detect the odor.

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