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Bondo 907 Glazing and Spot Putty - 4.5 oz.

When used as directed!!. This is a GLAZING putty not to be confused with something to fill dents with. This product should be limited to filling paint scratches/chips up to 6-8 mils. Anything deeper may not produce the desired result. A few observations; 1) Fresh product coming right out of the tube has the consistency of ketchup, and spreads just as easily-fight the tendency to "grow" the repair area with extra filler. 2) Apply with a flexible plastic spatula to get the thinest coat possible. 3) work quickly as it dries FAST. 4) Thicker areas of the application dry last-make sure it is totally dry before you sand. 4) you really need to sand with a flexible sanding block, or you will dig out the repair with uneven sanding pressure. 5) wet sand with the LIGHTEST of touch, as the product tends to ball up when wet when friction is applied to it. Other than that, a much better way to fill paint chips than a blob of touch up paint. Check it out!

4.5 oz, glazing & spot putty, fills imperfections, pits, scratches & very minor dents, use with other autobody repair materials, great for filling pinholes in body Filler, can be sanded & painted.

Bondo 907 Glazing and Spot Putty – 4.5 oz. Review

This is great glazing compound. The only issue might be your skills in applying this stuff. Like an idiot, I hit some lady in the parking garage. This resulted in a nice crack at the bottom of the front bumper of my pimp mobile. First, I had to repair the crack with some mesh and epoxy. Then on to this cool bondo. I also bought the matching Bondo Spreader. I tried to get Amazon to only sell me the small spreader but they wouldn’t break apart the pack. I guess I understand that. This stuff, along with the Rust-Oleum primer, the finish paint and the spreader, all bought at Amazon, made my sugar daddy mobile look like new. I had to squat in the dirt a lot since the crack was down low but all is better now. Sure beats paying the body shop $700. Thank you Amazon. Thank you for the super-duper glazing compound. -Read Reviews-

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Great for filling pinholes in body filler

Can be sanded and painted

Sandable in only 30 minutes

I had a pretty decent ding with paint chipped off, used this to try to fill and level it with the surrounding bodywork. It took some time and patience, but it leveled ok. My painting skills leave something to be desired, but the repair seems well sealed now and likely will not rust or come off.

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