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Bolt Power D28 500 Peak Amps With 13600mAh Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

Pros:- Multipurpose for jump-starting a car, charging phone/tablets/MP3 and some laptop models or electronic devices + LED flashlight. – Compact in side, nice matte finish(non-slippery), it’s about 7"x3" x 1"thickness (can hold it with 1 hand or carry it in a purse)- Came with a nice matching carrying case & fully pre-charged (i think the blue led light on its side is the battery level indicator)- 2 ways to charge it, via 110 power outlet or 12V cigarette outlet- 3 different DC outputs to choose: 12V/16V/19V DC- 4 USB connectors (1 microUSB-A, 1 microUSB-B & 2 others – pls see photo)>> can replace my different charging cables with this 4-1 cable (i plugged it in my PC (or USB outlet) & it charges my phone/tablet without problem)- 5V/2. 1A USB port (better than 1. 0A output)- Long lasting LED flashlight (23hrs), not hot, not even warm when touching) I was once stuck in a off-grid cabin which ran out of electricity at night & my older power-bank led light only up for 3 hours; i wish I had this with me last time)- Laptop charging capability (not tested yet, will try to update later)- Jump start capability (not tested yet, will try to update later after test is performed)- Included instructions menuCons:- a bit pricey- the menu comes in English & Chinese,however the English part is not well-written, luckily there are many pictures, so it’s not really a problem- instructions are in fine print, so may need a magnifying glass to read- not cold-tolerant (most batteries don’t last in cold weather these days yet)Note:- Turn on flashlight: press the round button in the middle for 3 seconds. – Change to flashing/other mode, lightly press the round button again. – Turn off flashlight: press the round button for about a second. – Don’t forget to switch to Off mode after use or while recharging up Check it out!

Bolt Power Bolt Power provides you the best service possible, along with a long lasting worry-free product. Bolt Power carry multiple AMP/capacity portable jump starters to worldwide. Compatible vehicles: – Cars – Dirt bikes – ATV/ATC – Motorcycles – Trucks – SUVs – Boats – Jet Ski Gasoline engine under 5.0L Diesel engine under 3.0L UL Certified Safe Built with industry grade materials and premium circuitry, this product meets the rigorous safety standards of Underwriters Laboratories. Compatible devices: iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Compatible Laptops: Acer, Asus, Samsung, HP, Compaq, Panasonic, Lenovo, Toshiba Car Jump Start Solution Never spend much money on calling a tow truck or much time waiting for help, just use the car jump starter to start the engine if you take it along.

Bolt Power D28 500 Peak Amps With 13600mAh Portable Car Battery Jump Starter Review

Online purchases are often a hit-or-miss situation in terms of quality, in particular with Chinese products and their surging exports. This item was a hit. I purchased the D28U late last year after checking reviews here and from other sources. It is manufactured by the Dongguan Juxing Power Co. of China, and sold here by Tii Trading Inc. < tiiusa[dot]com >, a seller with a high positive feedback from customers. The device received a high rating by Consumer Reports, taking second place under a more expensive device, and high positive reviews from verified-purchase customers here, currently at 95%. Except for one case (properly identified), I found no reviews exchanged for a free or discounted item, which must contain the FTC-required disclaimer — to me, it is a good sign when a company eschews the misleading approach of sock-puppet reviews or votes. I ordered the unit with two different purposes in mind: one, based on the high ratings, to keep it in my SUV, particularly for trips where emergency road service is unlikely; the other, based on a 2016 review here, to use it as a "mini-generator" for excursions and camping. Until last week, I had only used it to recharge small items, to power a small air compressor, and to provide flashlight illumination for long periods. For these tasks, the D28U works very well, holding its own charge much longer than expected. (Although I had ordered a unit with a single USB port, I received the updated model with two USB ports, which proved most useful for avoiding fights on whose phone to charge first. )Last Sunday I could finally test the D28U as a jump starter, when it saved the day of a kayaker who had parked her big pickup with a lame battery in such a tight spot between rocks and trees that the truck could not be jump-started with typical car-to-car cables. It was done easily with our unit by a closely supervised 12 year-old, who had dramatically argued she needed that experience for any zombie invasion (but was appalled at having to follow instructions printed on a paper by her father instead of reading them from a smart phone "as normal people do"). Live and learn. — [ ADDITIONAL ] –If you have never jump started a battery, or used this device, the following may be relevant:1. The unit has sealed lithium polymer cells, and no parts inside can be serviced or replaced. That means you use it for its expected 1000 recharging cycles –and not "circles" as its misprinted sticker reads– and then you throw it away with proper disposal (lithium is a corrosive alkali and a respiratory tract irritant). 2. The U.S. website of the company < boltpowerusa[dot]com > gives a contact telephone number (which happens to be that of Tii Holdings) and an email address; the details of the limited warranty for the power unit itself (1 year) and external attachments (2 years); and a FAQ on the unit and its operation. The FAQ is in the "Support" tab, and it is more understandable and applicable than the brief User Manual in tiny font provided with the device. 3. Read the FAQ. Read the FAQ. Read the FAQ. 4. Be patient when charging the unit. Fully charging takes many hours even with the unit already partly charged. It holds the charge for a long time when unused. 5. The device is a car battery *booster*. Boltpower says that the unit will not start a vehicle if the battery is "completely dead" (in the style of the Norwegian Blue parrot of Monty Python), and that it needs a "small partial charge" left in the battery to be boosted. Consumer Reports used a "weak" battery for their tests, defined as when headlights come on and the starter motor clicks but does not start the car. 6. The EC5 battery port, under a flap labeled "Start Engine," is always ON even when the device’s on-off switch (which controls other outputs) is in the off position. Its output is 12V with a start current of 250A and a peak of 500A (3 seconds). 7. The cables are very short — the separation tip-to-tip of the two clamps is only 21 inches; less if clamped vertically. This may have an impact on how to connect the clamps (see #9). 8. Boltpower claims that if you attach the cables to the battery terminals with the wrong polarity, a "detection unit" in the device will engage and try to fry the cabling to avoid damage. Significant sparking is likely to occur. 9. When trying to start the engine, do not crank it for more than 5 seconds. If it fails, wait at least 3 minutes to allow the unit’s heat to dissipate and the voltage recover before trying again; this should allow it to deliver its peak current once again. 10. There is a noteworthy difference between the jump-starting instructions of the User Manual and those of the FAQ . It has to do where to connect the black clamp of the cabling. The FAQ advises the best-practice technique of attaching it to a non-moving, thick metal piece of the chassis, instead of the battery’s negative terminal. The reason is to decrease the risk of an explosion caused by the ignition of potentially vented hydrogen gas if there were any sparking. That risk is mostly an issue when the cables are attached *first* to the good battery (or, for the D28U, when the cables are connected first to the EC5 plug), when sparking is not uncommon as the cables are then attached to the weak battery. So, be safe:– Check if the flat sides of the car battery are obviously swollen or bulging, or if there is rotten egg odor when opening the hood. If any of these are detected, do not jump start the vehicle but call a road assistance service. — Verify that the terminal to attach the red clamp is marked by a ‘ + ‘ symbol on the battery itself; do not guide yourself only by the color of the terminal(s) plastic cap(s), if any. — Do NOT connect the joined ends of the cables to the "Engine Start" EC5 plug before attaching the clamps to the weak battery terminals. -Read Reviews-

The car jump starter is compact and portable. It can jump start your car 3,000 times, if fully charged, over the complete life of the battery

5-in-1 car jump starter power bank: auto 12V emergency starter, car battery charger, 4-in-1 mobile phone power station, 7-in-1 laptop charger and LED emergency light.

Built-in 13600mAh power bank with 12V/16V/19V DC output, it features a key switch to choose different voltages, LED indicator showing the status, 7-in-1 laptop adapters fitting for various brands of laptops

Combines 4 mobile adapters in one USB 5V/2.1A port, which makes it convenient to charge four mobile devices such as smart phone, MP3/MP4, GPS, camera and PSP simultaneously.

The LED emergency light has 3 modes (high, strobe and SOS)) and can last 120 hours.

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