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Body of Evidence Audio CD – Audiobook, Unabridged by Patricia Cornwell (Author)

Absolutely LOVE Patrica Cornwell. Every time I think I have it figured out, she comes along and surprises the heck out of me. The first book was good. This book was better and I have a feeling she’s going to keep surprising me the more I read. I love the characters. Especially Marino. He’s hard around the edges but I can tell he’s a sweet ol’ bear. Sometimes the forensics speech is a little much but the more I read, the better I am able to decipher. Anytime an author can make me reach beyond my intelligence is good by me. The writing is solid. The descriptions are impeccable. She really transports you into the thick of it. She is a phenomenal writer. Highly recommend her in general. Check it out!

From Publishers Weekly This second commanding thriller by the Edgar Award-winning author of Postmortem and featuring forensic sleuth Dr. Kay Scarpetta was a Mystery Guild main selection as well as a Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club alternate in cloth. $250,000 ad/promo. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Body of Evidence Audio CD – Audiobook, Unabridged by Patricia Cornwell (Author) Review

*An excellent novel by bestselling author Patricia Cornwall featuring the infamous Dr. Kay Scarpetta doing what she does best by pursuing the guilty!. …….Hoping for a quiet evening at home and a chance to relax after a very busy day at work,chief medical examiner of Richmond Virginia,Dr. Kay Scarpetta knew very well that the chances of that was never going to happen. Receiving a phone call from homicide detective Pete Marino,wasting no time she tells him that she will meet him at the crime scene asap. Upon arriving, he explained the circumstances to her. Novelist Beryl Madison has been found brutally stabbed to death in her home and even more of a mystery is the sinister way in which it entailed. Apparently she was covinced she was being stalked by someone and she was terrified for her life. Hiding out in Key West, Fla. for several months, she decided to return to Richmond only to become violently murdered. The evidence is also showing that Beryl let the killer in. Did she know him? Through the investigation, Kay and Marino learn that millionaire and well known author, Carey Harper and Beryl Madison lived together at one time and not only that, they didn’t part on good terms either. When Carey and his sister are found murdered in their home, Kay realized they are dealing with someone highly intelligent and very cunning. Could this be a serial killer? Are they related in anyway? At least, this is what’s going through her mind when out of the blue, she starts getting strange phone calls left on her answering machine and someone has the audacity to put Carey Harper’s medallion around the door knob of her front door. Is she now being stalked by the killer? Now caught in the middle of all these muders, her personal life is taking a tumble too. When seeking out the help and assistance of an old friend FBI profiler Benton Wesley, the last person Kay expected to see was her old flame and lost love, Mark James. She learned that he left his law office and was now a federal agent for some time under the supervision of Benton’s. However, Kay knew that instead of getting angry, she had to put her feelings aside by putting their heads together and coming up with a plan to catch a cunning, devious, motivated cold-blooded killer. With the three of them including homicide detective Pete Marino, they decided to play a devious game of cat and mouse to catch a killer at his own game and soon it will be discovered that the risks will be much higher than either one of them ever expected and a very nerve-racking ordeal it will turn out to be!. ……….excellent read!. …..thank you -Read Reviews-

This is another GREAT NOVEL by Patricia Cornwell – One that you will want to keep so you will not need to purchase again! I know this, because after a while you will want to read this one again. However, do not allow yourself to get a mind-set that all People who have special needs, are deranged killers. And, I do NOT feel that is what Patricia Cornwell is suggesting. However, many times the individuals with special needs have records that are so well-protected it may seem impossible to see them even under emergency situations. Please take note on the defensive behavior of the facility’s Principal. He is very reluctant to work with Police Officials, even though he may have had an idea of who they were looking for in this case. For more information go to for Federal Guidelines.

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