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Black Diamond Stopper

Great stoppers! Can’t go wrong. They don’t add a lot of bulk, they’re fairly inexpensive, and they place quite nicely. These are the nuts I always come back to! Check it out!

Black Diamond Anodized Stoppers are light, simple, durable pieces of protection that form the cornerstone of any trad rack. This simple and effective shape fits securely around irregularities in cracks and is easily cleanable. Color Replacementd for easy identification, you’ll be sure to grab the right nut when the pump-clock is ticking fast. *Sizes 1 and 2 are meant for aid climbing only.Product Features – Strength: [7/8] 2kN, [3] 5kN, [4/5] 6kN, [6-13] 10kN – Material: Aluminum – Weight: [1] 7g, [2] 8g, [3] 15g, [4] 16g, [5] 18g, [6] 32g, [7] 34g, [8] 37g, [9] 39g, [10] 43g, [11] 51g, [12] 58g, [13] 71g – Warranty: 1 year – Country of Origin: United States.

Black Diamond Stopper Review

Standard for passive protection. Great quality and design. -Read Reviews-

7075 aluminum alloy is durable yet has plenty of bite to stay put. Transverse taper increases surface-area contact to provide best placements in nonparallel cracks. Rounded corners allow easy removal.

Anodized (colored) by size for quick identification.

I bought this as a replacement for a nut that was lost due to permanent placement in rock wall. They perform as expected. Excellent quality and performance.

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