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Bird & Squirrel on Ice Paperback – September 30, 2014 by James Burks (Author)

This is a great book about two friends with two different personalities. One is cautious the other carefree, both are funny and my 8 year old wants to read it again for the 3rd time. I use it to talk to her about her approach if she was in those scenarios and its helped make her more aware of how she approaches situations. Thanks James Burks for a great series. ..please write more! Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 2–5—Bird and Squirrel crash-land at the South Pole, where they meet a spear-wielding penguin named Sakari, who believes Bird to be the Chosen One. Legend has spoken of a flying bird who will bring peace and prosperity to their penguin village, currently under threat by the Great Whale. Despite Squirrel’s insistent pragmatism, Bird plays into the villagers’ newfound hope and relishes in the attention of being a savior to the people. When Squirrel discovers that the chief is actually planning on offering Bird to the Great Whale, he and Sakari devise a plan to save his best friend and, with any luck, the rest of the village. Burks’s follow-up to Bird & Squirrel on the Run (Scholastic, 2012) wastes no time in dropping readers into the central conflict. The tension of Bird’s impending consequences is balanced well with the humor of a blissfully ignorant defender and the bewildered, jittery friend. The dialogue is minimal, and much of the scenes are communicated through the characters’ facial expressions and gestures. The contrast in colors of the different kinds of ice provides a great variety of settings. The panel work includes illustrations that bleed out from the frames, contributing to the action and pace of the narrative. The brightly colored, glossy images are absorbing to the eye and the characters’ plotlines are intertwined, building suspense as well as ample opportunities to play characters off of one another. Consider this a first purchase for graphic novel collections.—Matthew C. Winner, Ducketts Lane Elementary School, Elkridge, MD

Bird & Squirrel on Ice Paperback – September 30, 2014 by James Burks (Author) Review

Excellent fun book for my 4 year old. This book is nicely illustrated with a good fun story. It’s definitely child appropriate. My son loves to sit with it and go through all the pages on his own. He’s starting to ask about the words and is now interested in learning how to read. Amazing for a rambunctious child who can’t sit still. -Read Reviews-

Loved this one almost as much as the first. Still reading them both everyday we are together.

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