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Binky Takes Charge (A Binky Adventure) Hardcover – September 1, 2012 by Ashley Spires (Author, Illustrator)

My kids have the whole series. It is perfect for all ages. If you like cats, this is a must have :o) Check it out!

From Booklist Binky is now a lieutenant space cat and, as such, he is assigned a new recruit to mold into the best space cat possible (well, second best). But when Binky’s charge shows up, not only is he nothing like Binky expects, he might even be a traitor! Binky’s fourth adventure is as funny as his previous outings. Though readers new to the series may not get all of jokes, they will laugh along with Binky’s devoted fans at the potty humor, the cute brown-and-gray-toned art, and the general silliness. The series remains a must-have for all children’s collections. Grades 2-4. –Snow Wildsmith

Binky Takes Charge (A Binky Adventure) Hardcover – September 1, 2012 by Ashley Spires (Author, Illustrator) Review

Got this and the other books in the series for my niece who recently turned 6. She loves them. Her mom reads them to her and she reads them as well. They are a little bit longer than most books for the age group, but the story and drawings are terrific and keep her interested. -Read Reviews-

Reason for Reading: Next in the series. This series is for children but I read it solely for my own pleasure. The “Binky” books will appeal to cat lovers of any age. Binky Takes Charge is just as enjoyable as any other book in the series. Typical cat behaviour is spoofed but in a respectful way that makes cat owners smile and nod their heads. Binky has the shock of his life when his new trainee turns out to be a puppy and he turns to neighbour cat Gracie for help in these unusual circumstances. Usual fun story and fantastic art style. I look forward to the continuation of this series. A great read for any age from the recommended 7+, younger as read alouds and much, much older as gifts for the consummate cat lover.

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