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Bill Cosby: Himself

Super funny, but also super short. I have many of his earlier recordings currently in Prime, and they are very funny also! Check it out!

Product Description The soundtrack to Bill’s 1982 concert film, which actually gave NBC’s Brandon Tartikoff the idea for The Cosby Show ! And Himself was also a career milestone for Cosby’s work, as he turned away from stories of his childhood to adult themes. Taken from a 1982 concert film, this CD contains several solid routines by the veteran comedian. Most of these portrayals are humorous takes on family life. Cosby gives special attention to the messiness and frustrations of child rearing. His caricatures of domestic situations reveal a sharp eye for telling details that most listeners will recognize. Cosby pens the material himself and it’s tightly written stuff, indeed. “The Dentist” perfectly captures the humiliation and absurdity of a visit to the tooth doctor. “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast” might be the only flop here. The comic’s drawn-out performance is heavy-handed and everything gets a little too spelled-out. But for the most part this disc features Cosby in good form. The man is the embodiment of All-American humor and this album reflects that. –Fred Cisterna




Bill Cosby: Himself Review


This CD contains the same material as did the 1982 release of this material on both vinyl and cassette, or so says the listings on Discogs. So, any decisions to cut material from an original show was made many years ago. I had this album as well as most of the other Bill Cosby records when they came out in the seventies and eighties. I always thought that it was a shame that television took the best of our story tellers/comedians off the stage to do insipid sitcoms rather than apply their ingenious minds to creating really great entertainment for the stage. Bill Cosby was hardly the first who gave up a career as a comedian and story teller to appear for a short time in another drole sitcom. You can count both Bill Dana and Bob Newhart in this set. -Read Reviews-

Just as funny as I remembered from when I was younger.

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