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Big Little Lies Hardcover – July 29, 2014 by Liane Moriarty (Author)

I’ve been watching the HBO series and thoroughly enjoying it. So when a friend mentioned that it was adapted from a book by an Australian author (and the setting changed from a ritzy Sydney North Shore suburb to Monterey) I couldn’t resist buying it. WARNING: if you’re watching the series and don’t want the end spoilered, don’t buy the book. The series has followed along pretty faithfully so far, with one or two smallish changes (the theater production isn’t an issue in the book, for example). Big Little Lies is beautifully written, with a rising air of tension throughout the book as we get closer and closer to the murder foreshadowed from the beginning. I won’t spoil who the victim is for you, but suffice it to say I was a little surprised. I’d already figured out who the real perpetrator of the playground bullying probably was – it’s always nice when you guess SOMETHING right – but there were definitely a few shocks in the last quarter of the book that I didn’t see coming. It’s an excellent book and well worth reading. That said, if you haven’t watched the HBO series, get on that right away. It’s incredible; Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are compelling as a pair of ‘yummy mummies’ who on the surface appear to have the perfect life, but beneath the surface things are far from the polished facade they portray. Alexander Skarsgard steals every scene he appears in as the poised, rich, handsome husband with violent tendencies behind closed doors. Big Little Lies is a compelling story on the screen or on the page. HIGHLY recommended. Check it out! Review An Amazon Best Book of the Month, July 2014: What is it about Liane Moriarty’s books that makes them so irresistible? They’re just classic “domestic” novels about marriage, motherhood, and modern upper-middle-class family life, after all. And despite the fact that Big Little Lies is Moriarty’s sixth adult novel (and it comes decades after the grandmother of this kind of thing, Bridget Jones’ Diary), it is remarkably new and fresh and winning Set in an Australian suburb, Big Little Lies focuses on three women, all of whom have children at the same preschool. One is a great beauty married to a fabulously rich businessman; they have a “perfect” set of twins. One is the can-do mom who can put together a mean pre-school art project but can’t prevent her teenage daughter from preferring her divorced dad. The third is a withdrawn, single mother who doesn’t quite fit in. Right from the start–thanks to a modern “Greek chorus” that narrates the action–we know that someone is going to end up dead. The questions are who and how. Miraculously, Moriarty keeps this high concept plot aloft, largely because she infuses it with such wit and heart. She also knows not to overplay the message she’s sending: that we all tell lies–to each other and, more importantly, to ourselves. –Sara Nelson

Big Little Lies Hardcover – July 29, 2014 by Liane Moriarty (Author) Review

I rarely write reviews, but I have to for this book. It is just too good. It is not a mystery. You know someone dies. It is not a crime novel. It is a novel about women and people. There are three main characters, all mothers with kindergarten children in the same school. They are all so different, but so vividly portrayed in all their goodness and their flaws. You wish you knew them. The scene where the death actually occurs is so wonderfully written that I had to read it twice. Sounds odd, doesn’t it, but you will understand when you read it. The book is so clever and so witty. The characters are so interesting. I am going to watch the tv show but I don’t know how it can measure up to the book! Read this book! -Read Reviews-

I gave this 4 stars because with all of the "hype" over this book and HBO series I guess I expected so much more. The twists didn’t really happen until the last few chapters and the rest of the story was just building up to it. It was kinda dull for a bit, but I did enjoy the chapters being only a few pages so I can stop or if I only had a few minutes I was able to finish a chapter or two here and there.

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