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I’ve been into 90’s Trip Hop for a long time, but for some reason never really got into Morcheeba. Recently I got to talk about synthesizers a little bit with band member Paul and was inspired to start digging into their catalog. If you like Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead this will be right up your alley! The arrangements feel a little more organic (versus being sequenced) and the music ends up sounding more like a traditional band than "one guy in a studio with synths and samplers" kind of fair. Morcheeba have a vibe all their own and I love it! Check it out!

Product Description Morcheeba’s first single Trigger Hippie and debut album, Who Can You Trust?, were met with such critical acclaim when released in the fall of 1996 that the band spent the following year producing David Byrne, performing on Conan O’Brien, and touring with multi-platinum acts Live and Fiona Apple. This new CD which is being releases simultaneously around the world consists of gorgeous pop moments, yearning lyrics, loops, beats and the band’s trademark neo-blues guitar playing. Blame Tricky and Portishead. They started this whole Bristol sound thing, with sleepy techno beats overshadowed by the chirrupy vocals of some slumberland chanteuse. And–just when you think the approach has lost all its steam, all its relevance–along comes a new outfit to make the music a few degrees sleepier, the singing a tad more dreamy. And singers don’t come any dreamier than Skye Edwards, whose lissome trill infuses every track on this sophomore outing with a tranquil ennui. You don’t jump around to Morcheeba numbers like "The Sea." You sit back and let them creep up on you, as steady as the tides. –Tom Lanham See all Editorial Reviews




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Rarely, very rarely, do you come across music this well rounded. The gorgeous, vibrant voice of Sky Edwards (my girlfriend says is somewhat reminiscent of Macy Gray) will captivate you from the very first track. The music is absolutely hypnotic and smooth, you will find yourself moved by the rich layers and textures which have been blended into each track. Not only this, but each track is unique, each track is recognizable and has it’s own flavor; even Edwards’ range of voice and emotion is different in each track (beautiful!). To top it all off is the top notch lyrics which will have you hooked. This is one of those rare CD’s whose lyrics are really poetic in a sense. Compared to their first album, this one has a bit more energy, espcially on the first few tracks which, after one listen, will have you melting in your seat wanting more! Get this CD, it’ll make your day. -Read Reviews-

This is for anyone wondering about the Rhino pressing of the vinyl. The balance and separation between the vocals and all instruments is great. Nice sound stage and bass too. Buy with confidence. The only downside is that it drops off the bonus cut, "The Music That We Hear". Now if we can only get "Who Can You Trust?".

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