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Big Bad Bubble Hardcover – May 6, 2014 by Adam Rubin (Author)

We LOVE this book! Definitely one of our new favorites and probably going to be in the top 10 of our all time favorites. The day we got it, my daughter had me read it to her 5 times and then she "read" it to her stuffed animals twice! She cannot get enough!My daughter is a scaredy cat. She’s 3. Everything scares her. For example, she’s so scared of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast that we haven’t made it past the first 15 minutes of the movie. If she ever saw the Beast she would not sleep for a week! When it comes to bedtime she is legit frightened of ghosts, shadows, monsters, bugs, dog drool (no, not joking), giants, etc. She also has night terrors and is a sleepwalker, which runs in the family on my side. The things which have helped us the most in dealing with this is to empower her and make her feel like even if there was a monster, it should be scared of her and not the other way around! This book is really helping us with that!!I’m not going to lie, I was so scared this book would make things worse because of the illustrations. I almost sent it back because of the sharp teeth and claws and so on. But I guess because my daughter saw the monsters in the book flipping out and being scared, it wasn’t scary for her at all. She loves the pictures and thinks this book is the funniest thing in the world right now. She is literally grinning ear to ear with each page!The monsters in the story are convinced that bubbles are out to get them and can even kill them. (If you are afraid to use the word ‘kill’ with your kids just know that this book does have that word, written one time. We substitute it with ‘hurt’ in most instances when we see the word in this and other books. We try to keep things light at bedtime and I don’t need my daughter asking me "what does dead mean?" and "what does killed mean?" at 7:30pm. ) They learn that they should not be afraid of something like bubbles because they are fierce monsters. The narrator talks to the monsters and helps them learn this lesson, and encourages the reader to cheer for the monsters. Seeing the monsters be afraid of something like a bubble is hilarious to my daughter, and so is seeing them cowering in fear. She LOVES cheering for the monsters and her tone is exactly like the tone we use to her when we are encouraging her to be brave. So sweet. After reading this she feels strong and brave. Not to mention that so much bedtime pressure is taken off her after she’s had some giggles. This book is absolutely priceless to us. Seeing a change in my daughter pretty much overnight was worth the cost of the book for sure. Not to mention the fact that this was enjoyable for us to read as parents because it’s just silly and funny. We have nothing else even remotely like this in our book collection (My daughter has literally hundreds of books. We are big readers and when something stands out to us it HAS to be special. ) and I know that we are going to be reaching for this one even after she has grown out of being scared of monsters. I will definitely be purchasing this for the other kids in my life. I know a lot of the parents in my family and group of friends would love the humor, even if their kids don’t need a book like this to help them sleep. Check it out!

From School Library Journal K-Gr 2—Due to a long-ago mishap with gum, Mogo convinces his fellow wacky monsters living in the darkness of La La Land that bubbles that pop in from the human world are treacherous. According to Mogo, bubbles are sneaky and travel in packs and that in summer, they “go into a feeding frenzy.” Luckily, the narrator convinces Yerburt, Froofle, Wumpus, and Mogo to use their fangs, claws, and horns to dispatch the threatening orbs. They celebrate by chewing bubble gum, popping bubble wrap, and taking a bubble bath. With one crisis averted, troublemaking Mogo debuts his book The Truth About Butterflies. Salmieri’s cartoon figures in watercolor, pen, and ink burst across murky backgrounds that mix the fanciful and the bizarre. The fearful Wild Thing—like monsters are comically depicted, and their problems are resolved with perfect pacing. This pair also collaborated on three “Those Darn Squirrels” (Clarion) books and will gain even more fans with this book.—Gay Lynn Van Vleck, Henrico County Library, Glen Allen, VA

Big Bad Bubble Hardcover – May 6, 2014 by Adam Rubin (Author) Review

I am never disappointed in anything Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmeiri write! The books are funny, interesting, and kids love them! The illustrations are unique and wonderful, as well!My son asks to read Big Bad Bubble several times a week, and loves to talk to the monsters. How can they be scared of a tiny little bubble! -Read Reviews-

Definitely not up to par with author’s previous works. Loved the Dragon and Squirrel books. Read it once and don’t care if we ever pick it up again.

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