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Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards

Exactly as advertised, standard bicycle playing cards. I always prefer these over aviator, bee or tally ho playing cards. There’s something about a deck of bicycles that is so approachable for games, magic, cardistry, or sleight of hand. Check it out!

Bicycle Standard Index Playing Cards Review

It’s quite obvious that a deck of cards is a simple item with no frills or gadgets. These cards have beenin use all of my life, and I’m an old Geezer, so they are the choice for LasVegas, and most other casinosin the world. They are precision cut for uniform size, consistent color, and not smear. They simply are thecards of choice for serious card players. -Read Reviews-

2 decks-one red and one blue

Great for all card games

Bicycle decks feature the patented air-cushion bicycle finish, softly beveled edges and sandwich construction for enhanced game play

Complete with instruction and rule cards

I originally bought these cards for me and a friend, since she was trying to learn a few tricks from me when I used to do a bunch of card tricks. Problem was, I hadn’t owned a decent deck of cards for a couple years now, and her deck was missing more than half of the cards. These are very sturdy, and although they’re a bit slippery out of the box, a bit of shuffling the cards around helps and makes them much better to handle. I’ve been rubbing the edges around the cards a lot, and they aren’t fraying so far. Definitely worth the price for two decks.

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