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Biblia para niños, Historias de Jesús / The Jesus Storybook Bible: Cada historia susurra su nombre (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Hardcover – December 14, 2008 by Sally Lloyd-Jones (Author)

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely love The Jesus Storybook Bible, with the slight exception of an error in the story of Rachel and Leah (Jacob waited one more week to marry Rachel, not seven years – he worked seven years more after the marriage). For kids ages 5 and up there is perhaps no equal in getting the big picture of the Bible and how it really is all about Jesus. If I didn’t love the book so much I’d put two stars on this edition. In our bilingual home we were eager to get the bilingual version of it. But the Spanish translations – I don’t know if they were done by a computer, or by someone who was not a native speaker, or by someone who was not even an Advanced speaker. Some of them are just odd, some are funny, and a few are so bad I refuse to read them. Publisher, please hire someone to fix it. I’ll do it for free, just please fix the Spanish. Check it out!

Review “The Jesus Storybook Bible is unlike any other storybook. True, that’s to be expected when you combine the mesmerizing illustrations of Jago and the award-winning writing of Sally Lloyd-Jones, a Brit with an uncanny knack for storytelling. Not only is each story as vividly illustrated as it is portrayed, but also each tale is telling one Big Story—the Story of Jesus. Even the Old Testament stories of ‘The young hero and the horrible giant’ and ‘Daniel and the scary sleepover’ come full circle to Jesus, the greatest Hero, King, Lover and Rescuer the world has ever known. (More to Life Magazine)”The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name’ disproves the adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Jago’s award-winning cover art is a foretaste of the whimsically insightful and richly colored drawings that await you on every one of the book’s 351 pages. The illustrations alone are worth the price of the book….Jago the illustrator, and Sally Lloyd-Jones the author, are a good pair. She brings the same creativity and sense of humor to her telling of the Bible’s stories….But Lloyd-Jones’s writing isn’t cutesy. She has a grasp of the profound. How does one explain to a child the agony of Jesus in Gethsemane, and his prayer of surrender to his Father? Lloyd-Jones does it as well as any biblical commentator….The title and subtitle are even better than the book’s delightful illustrations and narrative — because they provide, in one deft stroke, the interpretive key that unlocks the meaning of the whole Bible. ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’ says it all: The Scriptures are not merely a collection of stories designed to teach moral lessons. As Jesus explained to the men walking the road to Emmaus on Resurrection Sunday, the whole Bible is about Jesus. In the words of the subtitle, every story whispers his name….Lloyd-Jones manages to show again and again the presence of Christ in all the Old Testament Scriptures, and the presence of the Old Testament Scriptures in the life of Christ.’ (Christianity Today)The Jesus Storybook Bible is, in my opinion, one of the best resources available to help both children and adults see the Jesus-centered story line of the Bible. Tullian Tchividjian , Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (PCA, Fort Lauderdale, FL.)

Biblia para niños, Historias de Jesús / The Jesus Storybook Bible: Cada historia susurra su nombre (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Hardcover – December 14, 2008 by Sally Lloyd-Jones (Author) Review

The Spanish translation in the book is not good at all. I am a Spanish teacher from Spain and I like to get bilingual books for my soon. I wanted to get him a children’s bible (he’s 4) to get him into understanding God and the stories in the Bible in both languages. i end up making up the Spanish part because the translation is bad. The pictures are wonderful and we love all the colors. -Read Reviews-

I hate to have to leave only 3 stars for this Bible, since I really do LOVE it and we read it every night. It has wonderful vivid pictures and tells the story in a clear and thorough fashion, pointing all of the stories back to Jesus. Each section is about 4 pages long, which seems perfect for a nighttime before bed reading for my 3-year old. With that being said, one review mentions a few grammatical errors in Spanish – I have to say, there are more than a few. There are multiple errors on almost every page – from grammar, to spelling, to misuse of words. I would love to see a new edition put out with solid Spanish editing, because I would definitely change my rating to 5 stars!

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