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Belkin 8"x9" Mouse Pad, Black (F8E089-BLK)

At the price that’s offered, it’s no wonder that this Belkin 8-by-9-Inch Mouse Pad (Black) is the #1 in sales for mouse pads. It’s simple, basic black and the perfect 9. 2 x 8. 3 inches that have almost become an industry standard. There are no duckies, Hawaiian tropical flowers, basset hounds, sports team logos, photos of Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, hot air balloons, comic book characters, or images of mountains that you’ll probably never visit. It’s just a basic black mouse pad; nothing more, nothing less. But. .. oh, the smell! Maybe that’s an added feature, a freebie that wasn’t noted in the product specs?Actually, there’s a fast and easy solution to remove that somewhat noxious odor, but bear with me so that you’ll understand the logic. Some of the first mouse pads were actually made from manufacturer’s scrap of the same neoprene foam backed with a thin sheet of nylon or Spandex that we find in Scuba and free-dive wetsuits, and some of us made out own mouse pads from worn out or badly torn wetsuits. So what does this have to do with smelly mouse pads?That’s easy: those old wetsuits stunk when new, but one hoped the atrocious smell would go away by the second or third dive. However, they smelled like a cross between a wet dog and dead opossum road kill when left in a plastic bag in the trunk of a car for a few days after a dive, so they had to be washed. .. and quickly. Today we have products such as Sink The Stink Wetsuit Wash and others to deal with getting rid of the stench. But these cost more than the mouse pad itself, which is ridiculous. The solution is simple: wash the mousepad thoroughly with your standard kitchen dishwashing soap. Good old green Palmolive works fine. Rinse it and gently wring out the excess water, then wash it again the same way (think of it like shampooing your hair). Set it on a flat surface between layers of paper towels to blot up the excess water. Depending on your climate, it should be dry and ready to use within a day or two. I’m not going to suggest that you try this, but there are some of us who take our mouse pads and put them in the washing machine with older dark clothes. Just remember to not put them in a clothes dryer. OK, back to the mouse pad. It’s good, it’s priced right, it’s functional, it will work with just about any mouse, be it optical or the older one with mouse balls. Wash it and get rid of that smell that makes one think you pulled it out of a garbage dump or an old tire recycling plant and it will last a long time. 9/5/2012 Check it out!

The Belkin Mouse Pad provides your mouse with a smooth surface ensuring greater accuracy, control, and faster response. Our durable jersey surface and rubber nonslip backing keep your mouse on track and performing at its best.

Belkin 8"x9" Mouse Pad, Black (F8E089-BLK) Review

Edit: It has been a few months and the smell really has not gone away. It is funky but I still use it sometimes. Had rated it 5 stars when I thought the smell would dissipate. Now rating 3. Simple mouse pad. Black. All that I could have asked. As many other reviews have stated this mouse pad smells like a bicycle inner tube. It is quite strong. Despite this I like the mouse pad. I am going to try washing it with dish soap and letting it dry. In time I think the smell will leave. For the price I paid for it I am willing to do a little work to get it to the place I want it. It doesn’t slide around on the desk and helps my older mouse read well. It is low-key and not an eye sore. I have had issues in the past with mouse pad liners coming apart from the base of the pad, this one looks well bonded and resisted my attempts to roll it off. Does the job without getting in the way. Would buy again as long as I am able to get the smell out. (photos: 1) the bottom of the mouse pad, 2) the mouse pad as compared to my 13inch macbook pro, 3) mouse pad as compared to my old apple mouse) -Read Reviews-

Works with any standard mouse

Durable Jersey material

High-quality, nonslip rubber backing

Included in box: -Belkin 8 inch x 9 inch Mouse PadWhen you first open the package there is a chemically/rubbery smell but, this goes away after a while. The product works great as a mouse pad. It’s high quality and in perfect condition, it doesn’t slide when in use, and my mouse can slide easily on its smooth surface. As advertised, the mouse pad was 8 inch by 9 inch, which is big enough for most people. It is durable and doesn’t break easily. Keep in mind that this product is thicker than most other mouse pads. This product works well for both general use and gaming. Pros:-High quality-Works for every type of mouse-Works well as a mouse pad-As advertisedCons:noneMeaning of stars:5 Stars = I love it Perfect product, did everything as advertised, good condition. 4 Stars = Its good As advertised, ok quality, some negatives, would continue using it. 3 Stars = It’s okay Some features missing, ok quality, mix of positives and negatives, not for me. I recommend you look at other reviews. 2 Stars = Not that good Not as advertised, bad quality, mostly negatives, overpriced. 1 Star = I hate it Completely different product, broken, safety hazard. I recommend you return the product.

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