Buy “Ludwig Van Beethoven, Nikolaus Von Krufft, Franz Paul Lachner, Christoph Pregardien, Andreas Staier – Beethoven / Krufft / Lachner Lieder – Music” Online

Beethoven / Krufft / Lachner: Lieder

This is another great recital by perhaps the greatest man to the job, Pregárdien, accompained again by Staier in a very beautiful pianoforte. The duo give excellent renditions of the Beethoven songs, among the best available. The Lachner and Krufft songs are obscure to most listeners, but they shouldn’t be. They are beautiful and masterfully composed, specially Krufft’s; their songs really stand comparison with the most famous masters. It’s a shame this CD is out of print, as are so many of great from the “Das Alte Werk” series. Check it out!




Beethoven / Krufft / Lachner: Lieder Review


Incredible performance! Staier and Pregardien make the perfect team for this early XIX century works. Great purchase!! One of the few Beethoven’s song cycles, and perhaps, the best. -Read Reviews-

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