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Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures) Hardcover – October 23, 2012 by Kami Garcia (Author)

Beautiful Redemption was somewhat of a shock for me. After my disappointing experience with the third installment, Beautiful Chaos, I had extremely low expectations of what was to come with the finale, however. Everything that I disliked (or hated) about book three, seems to have been remedied in book four!In the previous novel, Ethan Wate makes a rather selfless decision with the hope that it would remedy all of the major supernatural problems for his loved ones. This book chronicles his journey in surviving the consequences of that decision. I could probably elaborate, but I really dont want to risk spoiling this for anyone who has not read the predecessors of Beautiful Redemption. I had a vague notion of what the end-goal for this book, and as such the series in its entirety, would consist of. Yet I had no idea just how the authors planned on reaching that goal, and Im very happy to add that I really couldnt predict what was going to happen (for the most part) from the first page unto the last. I really dont like blatant predictability in my books, which installment three was chalk-full of. Beautiful Redemption was very hard to predict. There is a very important confrontation that occurs midway through the novel with a finale that I absolutely didnt see coming. It was, dare I say, exciting to experience! There are also a lot of little details from the other books that come into play during Ethans gloomy adventure which I didnt expect to see again. I loved how these seemingly minor things ended up playing huge parts in the plot. It captivated my interest all the more. Others elements I enjoyed: There is an introduction of a few new characters that leave you feeling haunted as you empathize with their plight. Garcia and Stohl do a lovely job of describing these characters emotional and physical pain in such a way that you just cant help but relate to it. These people are also very different than the crazy Gatlin cast and personas that you become accustomed to; it was a refreshing change!There is a decent amount of character growth, at least for Ethan Wate. He has been going through one hell of a roller coaster ride ever since he meets Lena, and while there is a substantial amount of personal growth between book one and three, its nothing quite like this. His character comes full circle with his realizations of what it truly means to love someone, or to lose something that is so damn important to you. While hes seen that good and evil arent inherently black and white, I think he finally comprehends just what it means to be gray; how difficult it is to stay simply in the black or the white. My only qualm with this novel is Lenas perspective. The entire series is told from Ethans point-of-view. So when I noticed that we would get a glimpse into the mind of Lena, I was eager to read on. But Im sorry to say that it was a disappointment and probably the only portion of the book that could have been written much better. I feel like there is very little in the way that she thinks or speaks that could differentiate her from Ethan. If there wasnt a page that boldly stated Lena, I dont believe the reader would actually be able to tell if was Lena or not. This was a colossal letdown and one of the major reasons for my lowering the rating for this novel. Overall, I would have to say that Beautiful Redemption was a delightful way to finish off the series. I enjoyed the book, especially the scenery and the new folks we meet. To be perfectly honest, if Beautiful Chaos was written as half as good as the other novels in the series, I think the series would have been pretty damn fantastic across the board. My rating for this book: four outta five crows. My rating for the series: three outta five pies Check it out!

Review “The fourth and final installment picks up after the massive cliff-hanger in Beautiful Chaos and doesn’t disappoint.”―Entertainment Weekly”The Beautiful Creatures novels contain a potent mix of the gothic, the mythic, and the magical. Readers can look forward to more of what they love in the final installment, Beautiful Redemption, as they follow Ethan’s compelling journey to its bittersweet close. With original characters, complex world building, and crackling prose, this is masterful storytelling.”―Deborah Harkness, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches

Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures) Hardcover – October 23, 2012 by Kami Garcia (Author) Review

This is the finale to the Beautiful Creatures series, a series I’m glad is over. It never really lived up to the promise of the first book, although I would say this one was probably the second best in the series. I really feel as if the authors could have skipped books two and three and made this one next. The cliffhanger from the last book has Ethan jumping off the town’s water tower. But, since there’s a new book, there must be more to the story. And, there is. Ethan discovers that, contrary to what he thought when he flung himself off the tower, he wasn’t really supposed to have died, and he restores the balance of the worlds. Again. I will say I did not see the final twist coming–which was pretty cool. There were a lot of surprises and twists I just didn’t expect. I liked the plot of the story much better than the characters. I would love to read a series about John and the young librarian. I started liking these two and Link and Ripley so much more than Ethan and Lena, who are just so depressing and whiny. I just felt like the characters didn’t change at all and I never really understood why the two main characters loved one another. "Just because" is too immature a reason for long-lasting love, but that seemed to be the case. I also find it interesting that the whole story was told from a male perspective, Ethan, but the book is so obviously a book for females. If you love paranormal romance, you’ll probably like these. -Read Reviews-

When I was in 9th grade, my English teach spent an extraordinary amount of time teaching us about the Hero’s Journey. We read books, wrote essays, and watched the Star Wars movies all so we could better understand this pivotal part of so many stories all around the world. Beautiful Redemption is the conclusion to the Castor Chronicles series. It ties everything together. As I was reading, I noticed something. There was a Hero’s Journey inside a Hero’s Journey. Ethan must complete his own journey in order to get back to the person he loves most. More importantly, Beautiful Redemption is the final leg of the Hero’s Journey of Ethan and Lena together. That 9th grade English class made me appreciate this even more. I don’t really want to talk much about how the story unfolds; I feel anything I say might give away a secret. I will say that my earlier complaint, about there being some filler instead of moving the story along, wasn’t even a minor issue in this novel. Something was always happening and each little thing was important. Every step Ethan takes leads him somewhere and every plan Lena forms gets them closer to the end. Both Ethan and Lena grow in this novel. They have to face their demons in order to continue along their journey. They have to face a world where they aren’t together and find a way to get back to each other. They each learn that they are strong individually, but together there is nothing that can stop them. And they do all of this without having whiny teen moments. Beautiful Redemption is exactly what I wanted from the end of this series. Loose ends are tied up, personal demons are faced, and Ethan and Lena learn to be the people they need to be going forward. Everything wasn’t happy, but it was amazing. Stunning conclusion that makes closing that last page wonderfully bittersweet.

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