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Beaucoup Fish

The three piece of Hyde, Smith, and Emerson didn’t put a foot wrong in their decade-long partnership, beginning in 1991 with the singles "Big Mouth" and "Dirty" (under the Lemon Interrupt moniker), through to their 2000 contribution to The Beach soundtrack ("8Ball"). In between, the trio released three incredible full-lengths, each of which should rightly earn a place in any list of the top 100 (or even 50) albums of the 1990s. The good news (for any of you who have only heard Beaucoup Fish): Dubnobasswithmyheadman and Second Toughest In The Infants are even better. However, that’s not to discount the merits of the third installment in the tremendous trilogy. Underworld’s bread and butter had always been intricately-produced, darkly moody, lengthy pieces which gradually introduced and refined elements into their mix, typically over the course of 8-10 minutes. Beaucoup Fish simplifies things a bit. Only a few tracks ("Cups") try to repeat the "progressive" nature of their previous masterpieces; for the most part, Underworld are content with finding a groove and repeating it without too much variation over the course of the track’s duration. The fact that these grooves range from hip-hop ("Bruce Lee") to upbeat house ("King of Snake") to a spoken-word ballad ("Skym"), only strengthens the case that this is Underworld’s most eclectic album. They close to a halt with the most ambitious, and strongest, track of the set (the incredible "Moaner" taken from the 1997 Batman & Robin soundtrack). Without Emerson, the remaining duo would use the clean simplicity of Beaucoup Fish as a template on subsequent albums, with results bordering on dull. However, on this 1999 masterpiece (and the aforementioned "8Ball"), Underworld got it just right. Check it out!

Japanese Version featuring a Limited Edition Picture CD and Alternate Artwork for Initial Pressing Only




Beaucoup Fish Review


I purchased this for my brother awhile back and was amazed at how cool it was! We both have had the CD version of this and their others for a long time, but he has recently been trying to collect the vinyl versions of their albums just for fun. If you’re like me and like vinyl, you may like it for more than just the difference in audio quality. I love to see the variations in artwork that goes into these versions and also to hear the changes made for editing reasons on the CDs(most vinyl mixes of songs are longer and not overlapped, especially for dance/electronica stuff). This one does not seem to have any variations in track lengths, but I’ve not actually heard it yet, just noticed the times given on the back. But the artwork is excellent! A slightly different front and back cover, also the color is lighter than the CD version. This is always fun when it’s something you’ve seen all the time. If you are a fan and can snag a copy, do so very soon! I enjoyed it and it wasn’t even for me! -Read Reviews-

Beware, my copy came damaged, the corner of the vinyl cover was soaked through to the sleeves. Also, it is difficult to tell if this is actually real or a FAKE, bootleg vinyl of the album. The case itself is on flimsy, toilet paper like cardboard and the colors are faded and off. More importantly, has anyone gotten this album and had the same experience with the cheap packaging? That plus the fact this was so much cheaper from this seller makes me suspicious. I might be wrong, but verify it before buying.

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