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Beats, Rhymes & Life

Midnight marauders was outstanding and probably tribes best record, but in my opinion this album isn’t far behind. I can’t believe how many people didn’t like this record. The beats are supreme and the lyrics are retarded. Check it out!

Product description 1 x CD AlbumEurope 19961Phony Rappers3:352Get A Hold3:353Motivators3:204Jam4:385Crew1:586The Pressure3:0271nce Again3:498Mind Power3:559The Hop3:2710Keeping It Moving3:3811Baby Phife’s Return3:1812Separate / Together1:3813What Really Goes On3:2314Word Play2:5915Stressed Out4:57 Tribe’s fourth album, Beats, Rhymes, and Life, should be the awkward one, the album on which the group, growing up, falters a little as it figures out what it’s going to do next. It isn’t. Marked by a number of changes, both internally (this is the album on which the Ummah production crew takes over, and it also marks Q-Tip’s new religious faith) and externally (by 1996 Quest’s jazzy approach to hip-hop had fallen out of popular favor), Beats finds Tribe taking it as it comes and handling all of the challenges with flair. It’s a slower, steadier album than either People’s Instinctive Travels or The Low End Theory, but that’s a description, not a complaint; rather, it gives you plenty of time to enjoy jams like “1nce Again.” It doesn’t hurt that Q-Tip and Phife Dog are feeling the flow here; an inspired pairing with distinctive voices and different strengths, they trade verses with fluid grace. –Randy Silver




Beats, Rhymes & Life Review


This trio (2-mic pioneers along with their DJ) was one of the most lyrically gifted in the music genre of Hip-Hop, they are truly missed. This was their next to last CD and it’s still a work of art even today some ten years after it’s release. The blends of Jazz ‘n bass-heavy beats (East Coast “muddy” bass) was truly and still is truly inovative. It’s worth a listen to those who follow rappers or would even like to explore the ever growing genre of Urban-Hip-Hop Jazz. -Read Reviews-

I’ve always been a big fan of the tribe, and it always sounded like it should have been playing on a turntable. So recently when I got one I decided to order a few tribe albums on vinyl, including this one. This album, Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders are my favorites and all sound great on vinyl. Highly recommend!

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