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Batman Beyond - The Movie

I’ll admit that I didn’t really look too deep into the description of this product, but when I saw that it was a "Movie" I felt compelled to add it to the rest of my BBB collection. It is not a movie at all. It is the first episode of season 1, and then a few random episodes in the seson as well. Because I already own all of the seasons this was a complete waste of money and very misleading. Check it out!





Batman Beyond – The Movie Review


This “movie” is basically the two-part pilot of the series “Batman Beyond”. Nevertheless, it’s a fine taste for anyone new to the new Dark Knight. As far as origin stories go, this one is pretty good. In fact, it holds up nicely when compared to the animated Superman’s origin episode “The Last Son of Krypton”. When its characters, setting, and the story beyond this movie are considered, it’s one of the finest superhero origin stories out there. It also gives us the one thing that Batman: The Animated Series never did. But perhaps that’s for the best as practically everyone knows Bruce Wayne’s story and few knew Terry McGinnis’s tale before this. Again, it’s very good, combining corruption and greed to intertwine the new Batman’s beginnings with a cover-up and a nefarious international deal. The new villain, Derek Powers, now the head of Wayne Enterprises after a hostel takeover, is evil and malicious in his own right, so comparisons to Lex Luthor shouldn’t be made. For one thing, Powers seems to be more willing to get his hands dirty as I’m sure Luthor would not have been anywhere near that loading dock. His henchman, Mr. Fixx, is also very good. Seriously, what’s with that guy’s eyes? You may know he’s no good from his first appearance, but you won’t be prepared for what he’s willing to do. In the villains’ category, I also liked these gangs called “Jokerz” who obviously are trying to emulate the Clown Prince of Crime himself. They’re a neat new menace and can certainly help draw fans of the original Batman animated series over to this new show. This “movie” is a great start to a great series. Enjoy. -Read Reviews-

I can not express how much I love this DVD. I’m sure alot has been said about this DVD / Series. So I’ll get to the point. This is NOT for kids, its totally a PG13 genre. On this DVD you get 2 things:#1- ‘The Movie’ which is basically a full hour or so, to ease you into the new world and explaining of how the NEW Batman is reborn and takes you into a very cool emotional ride till the end. #2: you get 4 episodes, eachone is about 25mins or so long, they are awesome, they introduce you to new villians and old villians in a NEW way. This DVD is one of my favorites, even though I know the story of Batman Beyond almost word for word, I just can’t get enough of it, the music is totally Head Banging to. .and you will fall in the love with the characters. . the dialoge is never cheesy. its an action film first and for most, and an animation second. This is must have for the new generation Batman lovers, screw the WB this is the real thing 😀

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