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Bad Girls

If you’re a fan of Donna Summer, you know she will deliver music with CLASS! I am amazed that this record is 30+ years old and still sounds as if it were released just recently. I like the little bit of rock guitar she incorporated in some of the track. The brass section is excellent, and the Moroder-Faltermeyer synth powerhouse is in full force with the electronica songs, but not overbearing. I’m not crazy about the ballads, but I still force myself to listen to them anyway because Donna sings them so beautifully. ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘Bad Girls’, and ‘ Dim All The Lights’ are stand out classics, of course, I love the horns and sax on ‘Journey to the Center of Your Heart’, and ‘Our Love’ sounds so fresh it almost seems like it was recorded only a couple years ago. If you want grown-folks R&B, this is the album to purcahse. Check it out!

Product description CD Original West Germany Pressing Donna Summer was disco’s queen, but the general consensus in 1979 when the diva and her longtime producer-Svengali Giorgio Moroder came up with this seminal work was that “disco sucks.” Anyway, that was the perspective in rock circles. Bad Girls, however, overcame great resistance to earn both critical and popular success. Originally released as a two-record set, Bad Girls is a concept album about–what else?–S-E-X. The album saw the dynamic duo incorporating rock influences into their disco motifs (“Hot Stuff,” the title track), and, in turn, influencing dance music for years to come. The ballads, meanwhile demonstrated that Summer really could sing. The rock sound became even more pronounced on the next two LPs–The Wanderer and She Works Hard for the Money. Bad Girls, however, was Summer’s first step toward artistic respectability. –Bill Holdship




Bad Girls Review


I love Donna Summer. Gosh, I tore up the dance floor back in the day to these songs. This one is a must have. It has some beautiful songs on it, that you didn’t hear on the radio. Love it!!! Gar -Read Reviews-

I remember like it was yesterday when Donna made these tunes. God rest her soul. She had a knack for putting the truth to music in her songs. The videos were great too. I especially love Sunset People as a great ending song for a CD set like this one. All hail the Queen of DIsco.

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