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Back to Black [Vinyl]

Love the album, obviously. Low rating is for the very poor quality vinyl I received. I am by no means an audiophile and even I can tell this is really bad. Aside from the gritty, noisy sound quality, the most glaring issue is the vinyl is bent pretty bad. I can literally see the needle on my turn table bouncing up and down as the record turns. Hard to see in the picture, but one side of the album is lifted up off the table while the other lays flat. Really disappointed. Check it out!

US version includes one exclusive ‘hidden’ bonus track, ‘You Know I’m No Good’ (featuring Ghostface Killah). ‘Back to Black’ is the second album from London-based chanteuse Amy Winehouse. Although her 2003 debut was a success, her rowdy offstage behavior became the focus of tabloids and critics instead of the music. Because of this, Winehouse stepped out of the spotlight and concentrated on putting the focus back on her music. Three years later, her sophomore release has surprised critics and excited her fanbase. Combining a strong, Jazzy vocal style with often frank lyrical content recounting tales of love and loss, Winehouse is a truly talented songwriter with a good ear for melody, making this album an essential purchase. Includes the single ‘Rehab’. Universal. 2007.

Back to Black [Vinyl] Review

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One star for Vinyl record only. Album itself is great. Just like others have reviewed, quality of sound is terrible. Its as if they transferred sound from a cassette. It could be the original sound material was recorded by a garbage sound engineer because I am yet to hear a good sound quality transfer on any medium – stream,cd, vinyl. Google music stream is the best so far in terms of transfer but Vinyl is just garbage. I hate all the new sound engineers – or is it the studios- who knows! None of the new records are going to sound great on vinyl. I also bought Adele 21 and its good but the stream on Google is far better. The older vinyls have just great quality. We recently bought Love Story soundtrack for $3 from an antique shop. The theme from the movie plays so well – as if someone is playing the piano and guitar in front of you. Compare that to overproduced, over engineered garbage that is featured on new albums – especially this one.

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