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Bach: Goldberg Variations

Absolutely delightful! And absolutely delightful playing by the master Gould. I have not heard his original 1955 recording but if this later one is anything to go on it probably deserves its reputation. I fully recommend this later recording. Check it out!

Product Description This title is an Audio CD. The clear-cut rhythms, riveting articulation, and contrapuntal acumen of Glenn Gould’s 1955 debut Goldberg Variations characterize this 1981 remake to strikingly different results. This later version is more deliberate in pacing, stark in expression, thoughtful with ornamentation, and tightly organized (if a mite theatrical) in terms of tempo relationships. Whereas there are no repeats from 1955, Gould now observes "A" section repeats in the canons, the Fughetta, and other fugue-like variations. The rapid, cross- handed sequences still dazzle with pinpointed fingerwork, yet the slower tempos better serve the music’s dance-like qualities. Unlike Sony Classical’s better sounding Glenn Gould Edition transfer, the original CBS Masterworks CD still has no banding cues. –Jed Distler




Bach: Goldberg Variations Review


The best ever recording of this work! -Read Reviews-

Love Gould’s interpretations of Bach! Well done!

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