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babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, White

Oh my god, these instructions are the worst thing ever. My husband and I have built an impressive number of furniture items over the years. We consider ourselves to be flat-packed-furniture building masters and will sometimes race if we have two of something to make. We’ve done beds, desks, bookcases, and even another Babyletto crib (Modo). But THIS crib. .. THESE instructions. ..Where to even start. So the pictures don’t have all of the details of the parts. And sometimes they are actually just wrong. Oh, and they never call attention to small things you should pay attention to. If you are assembling this crib, you or your partner may be pregnant. Unfortunately for that partner, they will not be able to have a stiff drink or a celebratory toast upon completion. I recommend having chocolate on hand. Before I go into some tips for assembly, here are some other thoughts. – On soft wood: It is soft. We have a babyletto modo for my 3 year old that is the same soft white wood. Luckily he never chew-tacked it and it hasn’t been a problem. Have not had anything else cause a ding. – On seeing into the drawer: Not cool Babyletto, not cool. Notice all the stock images have the mattress on the lowest setting. It is dumb you can see into it. Will be buying a simple crib skirt I had not planned to. – On style: Looks nicer and more modern that similarly priced cribs available anywhere else. And that’s why we’re all here isn’t it?Now here are some actual tips about assembling it you may find useful:1. Separate your hardware into piles before starting. Note that there are 2 different kinds of washers and two different sizes of wood dowels (which unlike ikea ones are remarkably close in similar looking – no difference in color, markings, or width). 2. Note that there is a piece "W" and a piece "VV". Yes, they did that. 3. In step 2: Yes there are two piece D’s (the glide support). But the picture showing two of them – that’s just the front and back. For both, you put pegs on one side, and the screws on the other side. There are stickers on piece that tell you what the front should be. That might be useful if you knew which way piece A (side panel) was supposed to go. Turns out theses can go in either position so watch for that sticker. 4. Step 3 shows attaching O and P the gliders. If O and P had holes that looked anything like the pictures of O and P that would have been awesome. Instead you’ll just need to guess as to which holes line up. You will probably be able to figure that out as long as you haven’t accidentally put the big screws into the wrong hole in the previous step. So if you just can’t find a place where they line up, make sure you put the big screws in step 2 into the big holes. 5. The picture here also fails to show the tabs that stick out of the gliders (until instruction step 9b! Thanks!). If I were not 35 weeks pregnant, I would crawl back under the crib and take a picture for you of what they actually look like and where they go. The tabs must be on the bottom for the drawer to sit on them. If you do to not do this correctly, you will have to flip your finished crib upside down to unscrew and switch them. Not recommended. 6. It is probably easier to do step 5 before step 4. You will definitely need to have 2 people to do it in this order instead, but it’s really hard to attach the mattress support springy thing when the back is already there because the allen wrench can barely turn. 7. Our crib came with a lot of random dings on pieces from shipping. Luckily none had to be too visible. But there was a significant one in the center of the headboard rails (the long side panels). Since these two pieces are identical (the front and back ones) take a minute to inspect yours and make sure the one facing the room looks nice. Would be awesome to not have to worry about your brand new furniture having dings, but hey. 8. You may find an old ikea allen wrench to work better than the one included. 9. Step 7 would be kind of hilarious to watch someone try to do. When attaching center screws T, you will find the holes nearly impossible to see. If you have a red pen or marker handy, maybe give the holes a dot so you can see them. Get J and K on there. Hold the I in place. Slide in the N’s and have someone squeeze it all together and you can’t go too wrong. Probably. Hope that helps someone! Check it out!

Product Description Natural chic meets practical functionality with the Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. This modern crib features an extra drawer to keep baby’s essentials close at hand. Beautifully convenient, all hardware is safely hidden. The Mercer Convertible Crib has four adjustable mattress positions and grows with your baby, converting to a toddler bed (rail included) or daybed. Available in four non-toxic finishes (white, espresso, white/espresso two-tone, or new white/gray two-tone), the Mercer Convertible Crib seamlessly fits in with any nursery style. Made of solid, sustainable New Zealand pine, the Mercer Convertible Crib brings years of quality, style, and convenience to baby’s nursery. From the Manufacturer For the modern family that needs a little extra, Mercer is smart design with added function.  We’ve thought about all the details so you can think about baby.  That’s the miracle in every Mercer.

babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, White Review

I was a little nervous about purchasing this based on previous reviews of the soft wood scratching/denting. I went for it anyway because Amazon offers free returns on this product. I wanted this crib badly based on Babyletto’s efforts to make this truly safe and eco-friendly. I really love the look of this crib and love that it comes with the toddler rail, which works really well for a safe co-sleeping set up. My only complaint would be the quality of the drawer. Assembling it, you can tell the quality of the drawer’s material won’t hold up for long, which is a big downfall to this product, considering most people purchase it for the reason of having extra storage. As far as scratching, I only had one issue with it and it was when we were placing the metal crib supports, they scratched the interior of the crib, but it’s not seen so it doesn’t matter!5 Month Update: I am now docking one star because I have noticed on the ends the wood has split where the screw was tightened. It is split and bubbled on both sides, so now I am starting to worry how this crib will hold up! We are also having problems with baby’s foot/leg getting stuck between slats all the time now that she is becoming more mobile. I am looking at adding mesh "bumpers" to prevent this problem from happening. 9 Month Update/Final Update: Docking more stars for this final update. My baby, like other people have experienced based on their reviews, chewed this crib apart in one week. She learned how to pull herself up and so we immediately lowered the mattress. However she is just tall enough that she is still able to put her mouth on the top rail. One day I went to go lay her down for a nap and in her usual 10 minutes or so of fussing, she had actually chewed and scratched one side completely up. Since then I intended to make rail protectors, but didn’t have time to do it right away. I tried to be persistent on laying her back down each time she stood up, but it wasn’t a fool proof plan. At the end of the week, the top of the crib rail on all 4 sides is completely chewed up and trashed. The pictures don’t even show it all!!Bottom line is, don’t spend this kind of money that is going to get beaten up. It was really beautiful in the beginning. I liked the storage drawer. We were hoping to use it for more then one kid, but it looks terrible now. Maybe we can find some furniture markers to repair it and then cover it up with rail protectors. But next time, I will buy a cheap IKEA crib that is just as popular in all the Pinterest nursery pictures. -Read Reviews-

This crib had been great for well over three years. My oldest son slept in it for 2+ years and my youngest has slept in it ever since. However, we recently converted it to a toddler bed (great option!) and encountered our first problems. I have ZERO complaints about it as a crib. #1 When we installed the toddler rail it created a large gap between the drawer and the bottom of the rail that just frankly looked bad. It was nearly 2″ and was unsightly. It could easily fit lower but the holes were drilled in a way that would not allow me to put it any lower. We have the recommended cardboard between the mattress and metal grate that holds the mattress up and it stuck out and looked awful. We put a blanket there to cover it up but that rendered the drawer useless. Oh well. #2, the screws included for the toddler rail were too long for installation. When screwed tight the rail moved quite a bit as did the sides of the crib/bed. I further tightened it down to stabilize the bed and the screw split the back of the crib because it was too long. Now I have a toddler bed with a non-functioning drawer, a loose rail, and a split side. However, this crib was perfect and we had no issues with it as a crib. I am contacting the manufacturer.

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