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Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier

It’s put together and so far I’m pleased. Just holding onto the box waiting for our car seat to come in, to make sure it fits snugly. This seems like I perfect alternative to car seats that only fit to their own brand stroller. Just clip over seatbelt area the same as you would in a car if you didn’t have a base. Simple super save. Update: car seat came in. The Nuna pippa fits perfect! Idk what the bad reviews were over. Do you people not know how to tighten a strap for goodness sake?! Ive shaken it and the seat did not budge. I was not about to spend money on a single matching Nuna stroller knowing I plan for another ASAP and will need a double. chances are I’ll go with this brand for the double as well. It’s light and will do well for flight travels. In my pic there is a stroller organizer that is not included. Check it out!

The new and improved Snap N Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier, will accept one infant car seat. It allows adults to place an infant car seat on the carriage frame without removing child from the infant car seat. A convenient 2 cup holder parent tray with covered storage compartment makes this stroller easy for travel. Lightweight and easy to transport the Snap N Go EX features a convenient one hand fold. For parents on the go, this stroller includes a large drop down storage basket to keep your necessities close by. Safety features includes rear wheels with brakes for stability, adjustment straps on the carriage frame to cradle the car seat, and the securing strap for securing the car seat onto the carriage frame. Accepts all Baby Trend and accepts Most: • Chicco Key Fit 30 • Combi Shuttle 33 • Cosco • Evenflo Embrace • Graco Snugride 22 and 35,& Safe Seat 32, • Maxi-Cosi Mico• Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 30• Safety 1st on Board 35… and more Infant Car Seats.

Baby Trend Snap N Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier Review

This thing is genius! It’s half the size of a regular stroller. I use it for just about every trip. However, the straps that are used to buckle across the car seat have warning labels printed on each strap. These tend to get caught in the car seat "strap holder. " Also, the straps on which the car seat sit can come loose. You have to continuously check that buckle underneath to make sure the car seat is sitting right. It’s not necessarily the best stroller to take for a walk (I still use it that way) because every bump rattles the car seat. Again, I do still love it for convenience of shopping. I will tote our little guy around while my husband has the shopping now cart. It doesn’t take up much aisle space. And it has an under basket for storage. Minor complaint on the basket: you can access it from the sides of the cart or before you put the car seat over top. However, the space provided is small. If you have a larger diaper bag you’re going to be rooting around under that cart for a bit. Again, these things are so minor that the overall convenience makes me give it 5 stars anyway! Not to mention the price and it fits almost any car seat!!! -Read Reviews-

Yes it works with the britax b safe. You have to remove these adapters off the car seat for it to sit inside the stroller. I only need the adapters if I plan to attach the car seat to my BOB running stroller. They are not necessary for the car seat to snap into the base that’s used for the car.

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