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Avery 74102 Top loading non-glare poly sheet protectors, heavy, 100 per box

I first bought them in 2011 and they were exactly what I wanted. So I bought new ones in 2013 (the very same type #74102 / PV119G) and figured out that they have removed the white inlay / bracing on the left side where the holes are which gave it some more stiffness to avoid ripples (see my picture). Now, without the white inlay / bracing on the left these protector sheets simply look cheap and easily show ripples. They work though and are ok, but they don’t seem to have the same quality anymore as the ones from 2011. I expected better ones. Check it out!

Prevents distracting glare, especially in fluorescent light. Special design allows easier insertion of pages while keeping documents secure. Acid-free, archival-safe, nonstick material won’t lift print off inserts. Three-hole punched, allowing you to store unpunched inserts.

Avery 74102 Top loading non-glare poly sheet protectors, heavy, 100 per box Review

What a disappointment. Even though it has the same number as the ones I purchased years ago, it is no where near the quality. I needed a cover that would lead me easily read from a page under the lights. The white bar along the side Avery PV119G was the ticket! This model, even though it was the same number, produces more glare, just enough to make reading a page hard. One picture shows the two side by side, old on the left. While it becomes brighter with more light, the old does not reflect like the new. The second sheet show how the glare effects text on the paper. Still readable, but hard to read. If I was not up front under the lights, this new model would be fine, since I am, it is of little use to me. -Read Reviews-

Stores and protects 8-1/2″ x 11″ papers

Acid free and archival safe, won’t lift print from your papers

Easy Load feature provides a wider top opening so papers slide easily into place

Each sheet protector holds up to 10 sheets

Includes 100 sheet protectors

First and foremost. .. Black and White text pages probably won’t notice much of a difference. . Just be careful you don’t crease these. If you need to store or protect lots of pages these are a lot more affordable than the next step up in weight. I’m disappointed in Avery. I recently bought a box of Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight sheet protectors from Amazon. Avery’s Non-Glare Quality isn’t anywhere near what it used to be. I had an older sheet that has their name on it. It’s totally "clear" for colors with a matte finish. The new Avery sheets are cloudy, seem to ripple more and crease easily evidently. I discovered a permanent 5 inch crease after just pulling one sheet out of the box at a slight angle. So be careful removing these out of the box if you buy these. If you need cheap pages to store a lot of papers in for "easier" access and they are just black and white text you will probably be happy with these. I have no idea regarding the quality of the economy pages today, but I can only imagine. If you are storing reference sheets where colors matter, and they will be handled frequently, step up to the Super Heavyweight box (teal color) for clearer images. Unfortunately, those Super Heavyweight pages are Diamond Clear so there can be glare but they are clear instead of a frosted muted color like you will get with these. The older heavyweight sleeves might have a little glare when laying flat, but the second they are tilted upright into a reading position the glare was gone. If non-glare and clearer colors are a concern, those quality Heavyweight protectors are long gone. The current Super Heavyweight-Diamond Clear (teal box) don’t have much glare if they are tilted up at a reading angle either really. Again, if you are just reading and storing black and white text you will probably be fine with these new non-glare protectors. You might even get by with the economy pages. I’m not sure since I didn’t buy those lately. 1st Photo- has the new Diamond Clear SUPER Heavyweight on right with the old non-glare version of one of Avery’s weights on the left. The code on the old sheet is the exact same as the current Heavyweight PV119G, but I had it in a teal Super Heavyweight box. I might have messed the order up but either way the older thicker feeling version with non-glare, white stamped edge is gone. I don’t recall having significant creasing issues in the past. 2nd Picture is new and old non-glare versions laying on top of a colored pencil chart to show the difference in "clearness"3rd Picture is the new non-glare, laying on the left with the old non-glare on the right. Small text and colors are clearer with the old one. I’m not sure the pictures can even capture much of the differences, but they are there. Thickness and clarity have change for the Heavyweight Non-Glare.

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