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Aspirant Sunshadows

Nice music for a quiet afternoon. Nothing terribly special. Not exactly memorable. Sort of standard new age stuff. Nothing here to set it apart, or that is characteristically Rick Wakeman. Check it out!

This album is part of Wakeman’s “Suntrilogy” of new age keyboard relaxation music. All of the pieces are slow, gentle, melodic, and peaceful. There isn’t any of Wakeman’s characteristic complexity or virtuosity here, but the albums fulfill their stated purpose. (Wakeman donated part of the proceeds from these three albums to the Council for the Protection of Rural England.) ~ Stephen Raiteri, All Music Guide




Aspirant Sunshadows Review


Rick Wakeman made Scientific research to find very relaxing music. Very Good. Rick Wakeman made Scientific research to find very relaxing music. Very Good for relaxing, fighting imsomnia, or simply enjoing. Great. -Read Reviews-

Part 3 of Rick Wakeman’s SUN TRILOGY (together with ASPIRANT SUNRISE and ASPIRANT SUNSET). This features more soothing instrumental synthesizer music, designed to help you relax, relieve stress or sleep– on your own or with that special someone! Recorded in 1991 (a few months after the other 2) this contains more variation in sound and style than its predecessors, notably the delicate "Churchyard" (which somehow brings to my mind visions of pixiedust) and "Mount Fuji By Night" (is that a samisen, or only an imitation?). An excellent finale to the set. For more in a similar vein, also check out VISIONS.

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