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Anthology of Sacred Choral Music

First, It is a blessing to have this Music. Beautiful Music; Sound/Engineering is Good; Accoustics is acceptable; a little heavy in mood or attitude. I may be missing a point, but could this maybe be better with some or more female voices? This could be said of the Sistine Chapel Choir and other Eastern/Russian Orthodox recordings. If I may speak for part of the rest of the United World of Republics/States, (the usa), This is appreciated very much! Check it out!

You can listen this album online on _____________ This album is an excellent introduction to Eastern sacred music. Repertoire covers the period from the 13th century and includes ancient chants, baroque music, works by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, original church bells ringing and traditional Christmas chants of Russian Orthodox Church . The artists list includes award winning Kyiv Chamber Choir, ensemble of ancient church music “Sretenye”, famous Monks Choir of Kiev Pechersk Monastery of Caves, Church Bells Ringers of Kiev Pechersk Monastery and more.

Anthology of Sacred Choral Music Review

A beautiful CD. It’s great quality is the range of Ukrainian Orthodox music featured on this CD. Quite different from either Russian or Greek Orthodox music. The a cappella melodies are unique in church music and magical to hear. -Read Reviews-

For quiet times and reflection, this is great.

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