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Anker SoundBuds In-Ear Sport Earbuds, Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with 8-Hour Playtime and CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation, IPX4 Sweatproof for Running, Workout, Gym - Sports Earphones with Mic

add me to the list of folks who got a dud pair – red light would come on when charging – charged when first received them until light went off (which means charged, per instructions) and they then wouldn’t power on no matter how many time or how long I pushed the power button. Called their support, sat on eternal hold, while reading other 1-star reviews and decided I wasn’t in the mood to mess with it and have already packaged them back up to return. Appreciate amazon making it free and easy (rather than dealing with Anker and paying for shipping – if the other reviewers are accurate on that at least). Too bad, this was my first try with an Anker product – and probably my last. …update: so, after less than a day after my review gets posted, I get an email directly from Anker, kindly expressing their regrets for my experience. It was surprising to me because I had already returned them to Amazon. She explained how important customer service was to the company, and offered to send me another set free of charge (!!) – I had to read it twice to be sure I wasn’t misunderstanding her. Why would I not take advantage of that offer? The set came in a few days and they worked fine – I got the red charging indicator as I did before, and after fully charging them, I then tried to turn them on to pair with my iphone and the blue light came right up (which was a relief because I was then sure that I wasn’t doing something wrong on the first pair). Props to you, Anker! They paired easily with my phone and I’m listening to Phil Collin’s remastered version of "In the Air Tonight" and I can honestly say that for a set of $20 earbuds they sound quite a bit better than I anticipated. They don’t match my ultimate ears superfi pro 5’s but I didn’t expect them to. These Ankers have a pretty balanced sound, and lack the typical hollow, lifeless sound that one usually gets from your typical mass-market buds (like Apple’s, and the assorted other brands you see on every shelf). Waaaay better than those – I wouldn’t even bother trying anything else unless you want to spend over $100. I’m still fiddling with the fit with these, but they include enough various sized attachments that I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. I’m super-happy with these. In the meantime, I also would point out that on Lifehacker last week, they showed these buds were far and away the winner by their readers for earbuds of this type — so look no further. I was temped to go for 5 stars, but because of there being a few duds out there (many have mentioned the same issue I had) I just can’t make them perfect but I will give Anker 5 stars for going above-and-beyond with customer support. They’ve gained a customer for the next time around! (and thumbs down to any reviewers who have said they had to pay return shipping to get their defective earbuds back to Anker – that is apparently false. The rep from Anker said they cover return shipping in these situations. …) Check it out!

SoundBuds  The Comfort-Fit Sport Earbuds with Incredible Playtime  From ANKER, the Choice of 10 Million+ Happy Users  Industry-Leading Technology  99% Positive Feedback  Incredible Playtime  SoundBuds provide an impressive 8-hour playtime on a single charge. Its 120mAh high-density battery has 50% more capacity than those of most other sport earbuds on the market.  Comfortable Fit  Included S/M/L eartips and in-ear earhooks ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone. The neckband design prevents troublesome wires from tangling during your workout and easily accessible on-ear controls let you control music and calls with ease.  High-Fidelity Sound  Bluetooth 4.0 ensures crisp, skip-free stereo sound. Enjoy clear hands-free calls with the build-in mic from up to 33-feet away. CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology ensures that perfect sound is delivered to your ears each time.  IPX4-Rated Splashproof  Built for your active lifestyle, SoundBuds are rated IPX Level 4 and can withstand dripping sweat, heavy rain, even a splash from your sports drink!  Compact and Lightweight  Weighing only 0.44 oz., SoundBuds are 20% lighter than any other sports earbuds on the market. They're so lightweight you'll forget you have them on!  Note: SoundBuds cannot be recharged by most portable chargers because a minimum output current lower than 100mA (0.1A) is required. Recharging via wall charger, car charger or computer USB port is recommended.

Anker SoundBuds In-Ear Sport Earbuds, Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with 8-Hour Playtime and CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation, IPX4 Sweatproof for Running, Workout, Gym – Sports Earphones with Mic Review

AnkerI tested 5 sets of Bluetooth headphones between $25 and $125 to find that perfect pair of headphones for running and workouts. I tested the following,Jaybird X2 ($125, average overall)MEE X7 Plus ($100, best higher end set)Bluephonic Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones ($60, poor overall)Phaiser BHS-730 ($36, best budget set)Anker SoundBuds Sport ($25, poor overall)tl;dr review of the Anker SoundBuds Sport: At $26 its hard to argue with these earbuds, but far from impossible. My first set broke after a single use on the treadmill, not a great start, and my second pair had a constant static/electronic noise while connected to my phone. Average (treble heavy) sound quality doesn’t do much to help the poor controls, mediocre fit and stay while working out and the questionable range. I’m normally a fan of Anker but this doesn’t live up to their normal quality. For another $10 you could get the Phaiser BHS-730 which (minus a shorter battery life) is a much better set of active Bluetooth headphones. Detailed Review BelowBuild, appearance, accessoriesI’m a fan of the various colors (especially the green) and they look the part of active earbuds well. Included accessories are just about everything you need, three sizes of silicone earbuds, three sizes of ear wings, a short (~6in) charging cable and a light weight carrying pouch. The pouch is fairly cheap and provides little protection to the earbuds, but gets the job done. Build quality isn’t as good however. As I mentioned above, my first pair died after one use on the treadmill and the second pair had a audible (and annoying) static noise while connected to my phone. Neither of these facts inspires much confidence and the only saving grace is Amazon’s return policy and their low price point. ControlsControls are another place Anker drops the ball. Most earbuds use an inline remote and the volume buttons double as next/previous track, which works pretty well. Anker puts the volume buttons on one earbud, and the pause/power button on another and uses the volume buttons for just volume, not next/previous track as well. Next track is achieved by double tapping the pause/power button, and previous track isn’t even an option. In addition, I found the volume buttons difficult to press, especially while running. The three buttons also have some phone functions, but I did not test those functions. The one minor plus here is Anker choose to not use a super loud and annoying voice for power on, off etc but a well pleasant chime sound. Fit/StayPotentially the most important of all the factors. I tested the headphone fit and stay both while running (couch to 5K program on a treadmill) and with a series of body weight exercises (think pushups, sit ups, ab exercises etc, this require both standing, sitting and laying positions). General Fit/Stay: The wings work well for keeping the earbuds in the ear, and the combination of three independent sizes of ear pieces and wings means its easy to find the right size for your ear. The cable has an included slider to tighten or loosen the cable around your head as well. Running Stay: The stay while running is pretty solid, the cable slider mostly accomplishes the goal of keeping the cable from pulling or flying all over. While not perfect, its also far from bad. Workout Stay: The stay during a body weight workout was not as positive. I found that with the slider up far (tight) the earbuds would pull out of my ears and with it loose the cable would move around too much and get struck on my shirt while stretching or working out. The cable management eventually got so bad that I took out the earbuds and finished my workout in silence. Overall: The fit isn’t bad for these, but the stay leaves a lot to be desired. Of the 5 sets I tested, this set was near the bottom for how well it fits and stays. RangeRange was tested by putting my iPhone 6 in my office and walking away from it until I reached a point where the sound dropped or cut out. Testing was done with a full charge on the earbuds. Measurements are approximate and I notate when the signal had to go through walls (drywall). I repeated this test using my hand to cover the receiver on the earbuds, again with three cardboard boxes over my iPhone (to simulate the phone in a pocket, backpack etc) and then finally with both my phone and the ear bud receiver covered. Unobstructed range: Around 31 feet and through 2 walls, very good and near the top of the pack. Transmitter blocked range: About the same as unobstructed (very good and near the top of the pack again)Receiver blocked range: Around 15 feet and 1 wall, tied for the lowest range in the group of 5 I testedBoth blocked range: Around 10 feet and 1 wall, the worst performance of the group of 5. Overall: The range isn’t bad, but obstructing the receiver really destroys the reception. Luckily, this shouldn’t happen much while working out, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Anker set had the worst overall performance in the group I tested and I have some hesitations about because of that. SoundI consider myself an audiophile, so sound quality is something that I both care about and appreciate. My normal "pleasure" listening setup is lossless CD quality music files (FLAC), a Fiio X7 music player and a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900 headphones. Its fair to say the none of these headphones live up to that quality, but I try to provide a honest and "usage appropriate" review of the sound of these earbuds. All sound testing was done with these earbuds, with iTunes store quality music (AAC, 256kbps) streamed from my iPhone 6. Quality: Sound quality isn’t bad, about what you would expect at this price point. The sound has ok detail and quality if the music is slow and has few moving parts isn’t bad. Once the pace picks up and their are many parts in motion the sound degrades quickly producing a less pleasant listening experience (though nothing too surprising given the price). The sound works well for Pop and the alike (a plus for workouts) but struggles with heavier material such as orchestral, metal and the alikeEnjoyment: The sound is a little boring to listen to and I do not think the sound signature works well for workouts. The sound has a treble bias which isn’t what I would like to hear while working out, a strong bass would be a better choice to produce a driving and motivational sound. The sets does have bass, but its not super strong and especially in this application I feel like it is too weak. ConclusionIf I had not tested the BHS-730, I would probably give this set a better reception. But with the BHS-730 only $10 more (and much better overall) its hard to recommend these. Average but boring sound plus the poor fit, controls and the questionable build quality forces me to give a generally negative review and I would recommend looking else where unless $25 is the absolute most you want to spend. -Read Reviews-

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High-Fidelity Sound: Connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 and instantly begin to enjoy crisp, skip-free stereo sound from up to 33-feet away. CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology ensures that perfect sound is delivered to your ears each time.

Incredible Playtime: SoundBuds provide an impressive 8-hour playtime on a single charge, allowing you to play through a week’s worth of workouts!

Comfortable Fit: Included S/M/L eartips and in-ear earhooks ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone. Neckband design prevents troublesome wires from tangling during your workout. (Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content).

IPX4-Rated Splashproof: Built for your active lifestyle, SoundBuds are rated IPX Level 4 and can withstand dripping sweat, heavy rain, even a splash from your sports drink!

What You Get: Anker SoundBuds, Micro USB charging cable, S/M/L eartips, 3 pairs in-ear earhooks, FitClip, travel pouch, our worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

Summary: Good product (when it works), even better customer support and a company that stands behind its products. I don’t leave a lot of reviews because most of the products I buy are pre-vetted by this community. I wanted to give credit where credit is due for this product. When I bought the product, it worked beautifully as advertised, but after a few months, the blue tooth stopped syncing to my devices. I chalked it up to a dud and was going to wait to buy another once it went on sale or look for another model. Randomly reading reviews, I saw an email address for Anker support and just shot them a quick email about what had happened. They asked for a serial number, which I couldn’t find, but they sent a new pair anyways. I will give an update on if the new pair runs into the same problem, but regardless I am impressed with the ease and efficiency of their customer support team. ************************************************Dear Shiqian Chen,Thank you for getting back to us. No worries about SN then. Kindly note that we have arranged a replacement for you as per your request and you should get it in three to four days. To save your trouble you don’t need to send the original one back to us. Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for your patience and understanding!Reference Ticket#2054892 if contacting a CSR by phone. Alex

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