Buy “Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m) AUX Cable for Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More (Black) Home Audio & Theater” Online

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m) AUX Cable for Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More (Black)

Unfortunately it did not last a year. You would expect that a premium cable would be sturdy and last years to come but, just as many people reported, the connector falls apart after some non intense use. Check attached picture. Update 1/26/2017:Extremely pro-active customer service from Anker (I was genuinely surprised), they just asked for the S/N and shipped me a brand new one. Apparently I had a cable from a bad batch. 5 stars for the customer service, will replace my cable and keep using it on a daily basis, will update the review if anything else comes up. Check it out!

Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio CablePlug in and play your sound.Connect ANY DevicePhones, tablets, iPods, CD & cassette players (remember those). Link just about anything to your home or car stereo via its 3.5mm aux port.Superlative Quality AudioOur cables are built to the exact same standards as leading headphone brands. 24 carat gold-plated contacts ensure the purest possible sound experience.Incredibly DurableWe bent this cable over 10000 times and saw no damage or change in performance. Premium metal housing makes it extra durable.Superb FitEach aux jack has been slightly extended to enable use with pretty much any phone or tablet case (unlike most other aux cables).Outstanding WarrantyAt Anker, we believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.Compatible With: iPhone, iPod, iPad, other smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players, Walkman, Discman and all other audio-playing devices with a 3.5mm aux port from brands including Sony, SanDisk, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, Blackberry and many more. Beats and other brands of headphone, Hi-Fi stereo sound systems, car stereos, radios, portable bluetooth speakers and wireless audio receivers with a 3.5mm aux port.Note The audio jack’s upper end measures 5.7mm across and 2.3mm long , please confirm compatibility with your device before purchase. If you’re unsure, please contact our customer service team.Incompatible devices include: Sony MDR-1000X Beats Solo Echo Dot Lifeproof cases

Anker 3.5mm Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable (4ft / 1.2m) AUX Cable for Headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Home / Car Stereos and More (Black) Review

Before you buy: the jack is very large so if you’re trying to fit these to headphones that are finicky or cases that have small holes for input, you shouldn’t buy ones this big. Also, the item is not eligible for returns, so once you buy it you’re stuck with it. I’ve had these for a grand total of two hours. Even the smallest jostle will disrupt the channels so you only hear vocals or the bassline, there is no in between. The make itself is pretty quality, that being said, it looks like the cord would be durable and wouldn’t break easily, and if they worked I’m sure they will last a long time. But the quality of the cable itself is atrocious and if you get a dud like I did (or maybe that’s just the quality of the product) there’s no going back. Instead, consider buying replacement cables for your headphones from the manufacturer. The ones I bought these to replace are broken and shoddy, but much better than the quality these produce. I don’t say that only because they came broken and require you to twist them in the jack to get proper output. Even when it sounds like all the channels are there, they’re oddly staticky and if you like your music loud you will hear the pops in the audio frequently. Anyway, don’t buy these. -Read Reviews-

Universal Compatibility: Play audio from any phone, tablet, iPod, laptop or other media-playing device on your headphones, Hi-Fi or car stereo (fits standard 3.5mm aux ports).

Premium Sound Quality: Built with the same grade materials as premium headphone brands. 24K gold-plated contacts ensure the cleanest sound experience possible.

Incredibly Durable: With a 10000+ bend lifespan several times longer than original audio cables, premium metal housing and four feet of durable, flexible cord, this cable really is made to last.

Superb Fit: Ultra slim extensions to the aux jacks enable use with pretty much any phone or tablet case (unlike standard aux cables). No need to remove cases during use.

What You Get: Anker Premium Auxiliary Audio Cable, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

This item broke on my second use. The end of the cord broke off into my car jack. Now I have to spend a lot of $$$$ to get this fixed. Extremely dissatisfied. Do NOT purchase this item.

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