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Angels Flight 1ST Edition Hardcover – 1999 by Michael Connelly (Author)

When a prominent African-American criminal defense attorney is murdered in downtown Los Angeles, Harry Bosch get assigned the case. Unfortunately, the primary suspects are elite detectives in the citys Robbery Homicide Division. The case is a political loser. If he arrests a cop, he loses the respect of his fellow officers. If he doesnt arrest a cop, the city will erupt in a riot. Oh, and Boschs year-old marriage is falling apart. Angels Flight is Michael Connellys sixth Harry Bosch novels, and like the previous ones, I couldnt put it down. Connelly writes a tight, well-paced whodunit. The twists and turns of the investigation keep your eyes glued to the page even as your empathy for the investigator grows because of his personal crisis. You want Bosch to solve the crime and save his marriage. But can he really do both?Connelly has his pulse on the post-Rodney King antipathy between Los Angeles black residents and the LAPD. This lends verisimilitude to the novels portrait of rogue police officers, race hustlers, and bureaucratic fixers. In the end, everyone gets what they want, though not in the way they expected. Angels Flight is a great read, probably the best of the first six installments in Connellys twenty-novel Bosch series. Check it out!

Angels Flight 1ST Edition Hardcover – 1999 by Michael Connelly (Author) Review

Harry Bosch and his teammates, Jerry Edgar and Kiz Rider, inherit a murder case loaded with booby traps that could have far reaching consequences for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). A prominent black attorney, Howard Elias, is murdered while a passenger on the Angels Flight trolley. Elias has been working on a legal defense for a man accused of kidnapping and murdering a young girl in a terrible manner. Elias murder fans the flames of racial hatred causing riots and looting in different parts of the city. Many people believe that members of the LAPD were responsible for his death. The situation reminded me of Rodney King who was beaten severely in 1991 by the LAPD which resulted in terrible race riots. The parents of the murdered girl are quite wealthy. The father, Sam Kincaid, owns many car dealerships around the Los Angeles area and uses bizarre advertising techniques to bring in business. He reminded me of an actual Southern California car dealer, Cal Worthington, whose slogan set to music was, Go See Cal, Go See Cal. Several more murders ensue and the FBI is brought in to help the LAPD. Besides having to work with the FBI and other unfriendly police departments, Harry Bosch has a personal problem which causes minor distractions at times; his wife Eleanor is unhappy with their marriage and is threatening to leave him. This area of the story is a rather weak one and we never learn exactly what Eleanors real problem is. Altogether its a fascinating story with a complex plot that will keep you turning pages until the surprise ending unfolds. -Read Reviews-

Angels Flight puts Connelly into the echelon of great novelists — he takes the mystery novel to its highest level. And he isn’t just writing a great mystery here but an expose of what is rotten at the core of America: greed, self-indulgence, ambition, self-interest, egotism, naked pathology. He could be the American Dostoyevsky and in this novel he runs the gamut from the anarchy and violence on the streets to a society predicated entirely on a total lack of morality in the pursuit of money or pleasure or power. This audiobook kept me up most the night — every twist and turn into a new revelation about what America is becoming . .. in a society where every man is only for himself and God is against all. I can’t wait to see what he does with the Trump Era.

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