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Amplified Heart

This is one of those CDs that I have never fogotten. It was 20 years ago when I fist heard it. Everyone hard of EBTG through the song:Missing. To not listen to this CD would be a crime. This CD is so lyrically and musically mature that it is piece of true art. A poetic masterpiece. Missing, yes. Good song. Mixed the heck out of it and got EBTG club play and I hope a good chunk of cash!!! But, broken down and unedited in its form on the CD is my favorite. Check it out!

Product Description Certified gold by the RIAA (3/96). Mired in an easy-listening rut since Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (1986), Everything But the Girl’s return to self-production is a plus and might account for "Amplified Heart" being their most striking and listenable album in eons. –Jeff Bateman




Amplified Heart Review


On "Amplified Heart," Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt are at the pinnacle of their extended run together – the lyrics alone can move the senses, flowing like fine poetry; add in the instrumentals and it comes close to musical nirvana. Although it was released in 1994, it has staying power not afforded what some detractors said was just "another" British pop duo – a blip on the music screen from across the pond. Almost every free-standing music store still has a copy or two in its racks. OK, I’ll make the analogy oft quoted – a modern day Fleetwood Mac along the lines of their "Rumors" endeavor. MUSICIAN (August 1994, p. 90) ". . . merely exquisite ear candy. ..the modern equivalent to Fleetwood Mac’s RUMORS . . . ""Amplified Heart" is laden with delicate melodies and precise musical passages. Tracey Thorn’s vocals gives us a glimpse of both chilling memories and warmest moments. The accompaniment by Ben Watt fills the album with sincere emotions – perfect for Thorn’s settled vocals. With the exception of the drum beats in the bonus 11th track "Missing," (a track not listed on the CD sleeve) this achievement beats with heart and soul. I often have "Amplified Heart" playing when reading – and after 12 years of listening, I still get detracted by its lyrics and melodies. This is EBTG at their finest. One foot in their folk pop roots, the other creeping into the drum and bass genre they’ve recently lept into. At some points inherently acoustic, at others quite technical. It’s a very distinctive sound which I’ve rarely heard anyone else pull with as much success. Sting and Gomez have come close but not close enough. Maybe it’s because they lack the soft, delicacy of Tracy Thorn’s voice. Her’s is a voice perfectly suited to the melancholy love songs EBTG excel at and it’s no surprise that this album is packed with them. Two Star is pain put to music, Disenchanted could drive you to suicide and as for Get Me and I Don’t Understand Anything. .. Well they’re not happy, but they are damn fine songs. Thats not to say that EBTG aren’t capable of joy. We Walk The Same Line is as upbeat as they’ve ever been and is quite jaunty in its own way. And then there’s Missing. First off let me say that the acoustic version knocks Todd Terry’s mix into a cocked hat but Terry’s version acts as a nice counterpoint to the whole album. After so much acoustic work it’s quite nice to hear them a little up tempo. It’s also unfair to say that Terry pushed them into Walking Wounded as some claim. If you listen to tracks like Get Me and Troubled Mind you can hear a low key drum machine playing away, a sign of the way they were going even without Terry as a catalyst. If they’d made another album like this instead of Walking Wounded maybe EBTG would have conquered the world by now rather than having faded way like they did after Missing. I live in hope that one day they’ll give Amplified Heart a relisten and realise that this was their finest hour and return to the sound they made here. Until then I’ve got this to listen to instead. I can live with that. -Read Reviews-

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