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amika Balancing Shampoo

My daughter originally got the Pherfectionist Amika Shampoo in a BirchBox and loved it so we thought we’d see if had a larger bottle at a better price and what do you know? As if there’s something that doesn’t sell and at a great price! Check it out!

Product Description The creamy formula helps repair stressed hair leaving it soft, manageable and voluminous. Brand Story amika is hair rebellion against conformity & the mundane. Founded by industry OUTSIDERS in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2007 amika is the antithesis of a typical beauty brand.

amika Balancing Shampoo Review

Love this shampoo. The scent is strong at first, but it fades into a mellow loveliness quite quickly. It cleans just enough without stripping too much from the hair. The lather is very generous as well. The Obliphica Oil is new and up and coming and great for hair, especially dry or curly hair. -Read Reviews-

All time favorite shampoo of all time. I’m 64 and used quite a few shampoos over the years. This is the run away winner!

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