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American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini-Crib Sheet, Celery

We have three of this sheet and we’ve been using them for about two years, washing them as much as you’d expect to wash infant/toddler items (aka “a lot”), and they’ve held up very well. The sheet is on the thinner side of mid-weight, but it’s soft. It’s stayed soft through the washings and dryings, and it hasn’t pilled. We used it for travel on a Dream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress, and it fit very well. FYI, skip the mattress pad (American Baby Company Waterproof fitted Quilted Portable/Mini Crib Mattress Pad Cover)–it deformed the mattress too much for it to fit snugly in the play yard, making it unsafe. We also used it for infant naps in the house, on the play yard’s folding board “mattress”. It made that surface more pleasant to sleep on, and it made it easier to clean, too. Bottom line: This is a very functional staple that any household with a play yard (mattress or not) needs. NOTE FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS: This is my one piece of advice that I wish I’d known when we were buying things in advance of our first child’s delivery. If you’re like most modern parents, you’re going to have a lot of tiny beds with different-sized mattresses, mattress pads, and sheets. You’re also going to be doing a lot of laundry. These various sheets are different sizes, but it can be hard to tell which is which when they come out of the dryer. You do not want to be fighting with the sheets when it comes time to remake a bed after a vomit or feces incident. The solution is to choose ONE color for the sheets of a particular size and stick to it. For instance, get all green crib sheets. Make all of your co-sleeper sheets cream. For the pack ‘n’ play? All brown. (The brown will hide travel smudges, too. ) Buy white or yellow toddler sheet sets. Also, get a laundry marker and write a code for the size on the mattress pads’ labels. People got you fancy bedding sets (which, if they contain padded elements, can be dangerous for infants)? You bought into the hype and got all kinds of crazy sheets for the crib? Return them if you can. Or consign them. Or give them away. Seriously, having a unified color for each size sheet will simplify your life for YEARS to come, especially if you have more than one kid. Check it out!

Our 100% Cotton value jersey knit fitted mini crib sheet provides comfort for the next generation. Fits standard 24″ x 38″ mini crib mattresses and can fit up to 3″ thick mattresses; Deep pockets with elastic all around provide a snug and secure fit for baby’s comfort. Machine washable cold with gentle cycle , tumble dry low for best results.

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini-Crib Sheet, Celery Review

The cloth is comfy and I guess made really thin to be breathable. But, it is not as snug as what other reviewers say. -Read Reviews-

I got this sheet for the dream on me 5" portable crib mattress. The product details says it fits a 5" mattress and has" deep pockets", but it does not fit my mattress as it is way too small. I did also purchase the luvable friends portable crib sheet and it does with that said, if you have a 5" mattress get the luvable friends brand! By the way, I did wash the sheet first and dryed it.

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