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Amazon Gear Unisex 10-Ounce Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

I have a lot of hoodies. A lot. I wear them every day. I’ve been wearing them before Zuck’s mom bought him a ‘puter. Once Amazon had a branded hoodie, I jumped all over it faster than a Netflix user on House Of Cards Season 2. It came in a couple of days, and the weight was perfect for going outside or being in the office. It is a little slim around the waist but not too bad. The Amazon print inside the hood was a nice touch, almost like a “well-known-brand-name-purse” fabric. I already have a second one on order. The ONLY downside is the print of Amazon. It flaked a little at the edges near the zipper (expected) but it makes me worry that after a couple of washings it’ll begin to flake off more. I guess only time will tell. As an Amazon employee, I finally have an awesome hoodie to wear at the office that is comfortable, stylish, and branded. Hoping there are additional designs coming, maybe with a smaller Amazon logo or some new “fun” styles!Update: I’ve washed the hoodie four times so far and the logo is holding up. I think it was just excess material flaking off, but we’ll see! I thought the logo may be fading so I used that as an excuse to buy a second hoodie (since the charcoal went back in stock) to compare with a brand new one, and no issue. So far so good, Amazon! Now release some new styles! :)Update #2 (Sept 2014): A colleague asked me how this has been holding up since my initial review and update. I am happy to say it’s survived multiple washings and still feels great as the day I got it, and the logo has experienced no issues going through the wash. I upgraded my review to five stars, as this hoodie is just bananas. 🙂 Albeit on the snug side, but that’s probably my own fault. .. Check it out!

Amazon Gear Unisex 10-Ounce Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Review

As far as comfort and warmth go I give this 5 stars. The sizing is weird though. The arms have ample if not too much room and the waist is super snug. If you usually wear a XXL you should probably get the 3XL because of the waist. I work for Amazon and love our brand so I am so glad that I get to show it. -Read Reviews-

55.1% Cotton and 44.9% Polyester


Split Stitch Double Needle Sewing on Seams

Twill Neck Tape

Front Pocket

Clinchable Hood

Unisex Sizing

I love amazon. Okay correction, I’m addicted to amazon! When you find someone that is also addicted to amazon you have an instant connection because you understand what they are suffering through. Endless empty boxes with smiles on it piled in your closest hoping the wife doesn’t see! Well now you can let people know your addiction by advertising it on this nice sweeter. It’s good quality and worth it if you like the Amazon brand.

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