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Always & Forever

R&B group Silks returns with their sixth album and second without former lead singer Lil G. Surprisingly Silk handles this album of cover songs very well. Hooking up with Shanachie, a label noteworthy for great R&B influence, smooth jazz, and creating great old-school R&B cover albums, was the perfect home for the group to record Always and Forever. The opening track Switch’s There’ll Never Be is decent although I would have rather heard the group do Calling On All Girls by Switch. Prince Adore’s, Heatwave’s Always & Forever, Quincy Jones’s The Secret Garden and The System’s Don’t Disturb This Groove are all excellent covers songs that would make the original singers proud. There are two mild disappointments which are the group’s attempt at Al B. Sure’s Nite & Day (personally they should have re-made Al B’s Naturally Mine or Ooh This Love Is So) and Shalimar’s A Night To Remember (Let’s Find The Time For Love or Somewhere There’s A Love would have better). All in all a great cd. Check it out!

Silk associated Always And Forever with their own longevity – seventeen years and counting with the current line-up featuring the four original members who have been together throughout – but also to the quality of their music which features finely crafted harmony singing and lyrics that deal with timeless issues of love, romance and sex. With the release of their seventh album Always And Forever, Silk brings their vocal artistry to a hand-picked selection of songs that have inspired them as simultaneous homage to artists who they respect and musical statement of the ultimate quality of Silk’s music. Gary Glenn relates ‘A lot of these songs were ones we were already familiar with so it was easy for US to step in and emulate people we have a lot of respect for. It’s a chance to show off our own artistry. If someone has the audacity to do a MichaelJackson number or a Prince tune and do it well, or to really do justice to the Secret Garden, then they walk away with respect from the audience. That’s what we want.’ the album, which features Silk’s interpretations of major hits by Blue Magic, Switch, Shalamar, Prince, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Heatwave and others, simply builds on something Silk had already been doing.

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