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Almost Famous

*** This review may contain spoilers ***Anyone who was there will notice that this film captures almost perfectly what it was like when the music appeared. I was on stage with Led Zeppelin, Johnny Winter, etc. I could never convey the excitement and love of this era’s music but this film absolutely delivered Thank you Cameron for taking the time and effort to portray this PERFECT time of life. We were special, gifted, enlightened to be able to experience these events. The music clips were absolutely capturing the element of life as a teen in 1973. God Bless everyone who was involved with this film, I have never seen anything like this that took me back to when I was this young. I feel so forlorn that life is so different now given the musical options we have and rarely listen to anything now. Sigh. High recommend for those who were there, for those who wanted to be there, and for those who have no clue what it was like then. I feel so sorry for anyone who missed this era. Thank GOD I was! Check it out!

Audiences and critics alike are raving about this larger-than-life rock’n ‘roll favorite that Roger Ebert calls “one of the best movies of the year!” The guys of Stillwater have the sound, they have the look and Rolling Stone Magazine wants their story. For young reporter William Miller, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime as he hits the road with his favorite band and discovers the price of fame, the value of family and the limits of friendship.




Almost Famous Review


Almost Famous is one of those few magical movies for me. Every shot is perfect to me. The film just has a certain energy about it. It goes beyond the great writing, acting, performances and directing and becomes greater than the sum of its parts. There is one memorable scene or moment after another. The nostalgia in the film goes beyond specifics as well. I think people of any age can relate to the journey from child to adulthood. -Read Reviews-

Whenever I want to "Feel" what the "essence" of the 70’s were about coupled by it’s music and sense of innocence. … This is the movie I reach for. .. Billy Crudup plays the "mashup" 70s musican that is good enough to make the rock star category & Kate Hudson plays penny lane the ultra cool-together" love struck groopy, a real life character all based upon the experiences of Cameron Crowe as he was a teenager who ‘Broke-into" the Rock Sceane in the 1970s writing for Rolling Stone. .. for Real. . Almost All the Charactors have direct relationships with real people like the Hip Deep-Throat D.J. Lester Bangs, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. .. Even the Hotel shots were completely redecorated to copy the exact designs and colors of the 70’s. . . He Lived this life. .. (most of the names are changed to protect etc. … ) even some of the times real roadies have bit parts in the movie to add even more authenticity. .. This is Basically the Directors (Cameron Crowe’s) Teen age life reenacted perfectly naturally by ,,, and Zoe Deschanel plays his sister, along side a strong cast. … Get the Directors Cut it fleshes out the story nicely. .. It’s not Rough or brash as it captures a time when Wild crazy behavior was not always understood or healthy but al least not resulting in a coffin nail on a persons I.D. . .. well. .. what else can I say if you don’t already want to see this. …

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