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Allen Sports Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor

I bought this for a girl’s bike to fit on my rack. Works great. The only problem is what other’s say. The pin you insert will scratch the frame of your bike. I had been just using tape to protect the bike. I was thinking of idea of using a plastic tube to cover it, but then it wouldn’t allow the pin to slide through the frame of the adapter. So I decided to use wire heat shrink wrap. I used 3/8 in and worked perfectly. I was worried it might rub though and get back down to metal, but since the wrap is pretty thin it didn’t. I have used it about 10 times and works perfect. Check out my pictures I posted. Check it out!

Product description Allen Sports brings you a bicycle adaptor cross bar that adds a top tube to non-conventional frames. An internal spring maintains constant tension. Quickly attach this adaptor bar to a wide range of frame styles. Amazingly, its plastic coated hooks protect your bicycle’s finish. Made by Allen Bike Racks, this adaptor bar adds a top tube to your bicycle frame so that it can be installed properly on a bicycle carrier. It’s designed to be used with hard-to-mount bike frames, such as full-suspension bikes, women’s bikes, or other non-conventional designs. The bar features an internal spring that maintains constant tension to keep your bike secure. The product is designed to fit bikes that have a distance of 16 inches to 27 inches between the seat post and the stem, and installation is easy. Plastic-coated hooks are there to protect the finish of your bike. Manufacturer’s Warranty All of Allen’s products are backed by a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee. If an Allen Rack fails to function properly due to a defect in workmanship or material over the lifetime of the original purchaser, simply return the product with your original receipt, and Allen will repair or replace the rack free of charge. This warranty does not cover damage or wear which occurs as a result of day-to-day use or general wear and tear. About Allen Sports USA Allen’s goal is to design and manufacture the finest bicycle carrying, parking, and storage racks available. Ever since Dick Allen started making rear-mounted bicycle carriers in his garage in Lincoln, Massachusetts, in 1967, the company has been committed to producing the highest-quality, easiest-to-use racks on the market.

Allen Sports Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor Review

I have tried a few different bike top bar adapters:Yakima- solid, strong, well-built. ..but no internal bungee, locking arms swing upward, which is not the most convenient, and has an exposed nut that can catch on bike rack straps. Swagman- Locking arms swing out (not up), which is more convenient when attaching to your bike, and overall, it will do the job. ..but it has a very thin internal bungee that offers very little resistance, so I question its effectiveness. Saris- This one is probably my favorite because it has no swinging arms. The locking mechanism slides open and closed on the bar, which takes a little getting used to, but you get used to it quickly. It is as solid and sturdy as the Yakima, and like the Yakima, it does not have an internal bungee, but they both have an internal "stop" so that the two sides of the tube cannot be pulled apart. Now for the Allen. At the lowest price point of all of the above adapters, I think this bar is easily the best value. You just need to know what you are getting. First of all, it has what appears to be a large internal metal spring, which provides a very strong resistance, making it the only bar I tested that had absolutely no movement when attached to the bike. This makes it incredibly stable. As for the issues that some reviewers have pointed out, the metal lock pin on one end of the bar will probably scratch your bikes paint at some point. However, if your bikes handlebar post or seat post are not painted, this will obviously not be an issue for you. Some who do have these bike parts painted have come up with ways to cover the pin (electrical tape, hear shrink wrap, rubber tube, etc. ). For me, I used a heavy duty rubber cable wrap that is split on one side. I cut it to size, and it easily wraps around the metal pin to protect the bikes paint. One safety issue I have read about is that the metal clip that secures the pin in place can loosen and come off, which would release the pin and the bike would drop. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of people do not have this problem. I can see how over time, pulling the clip across the end of the bar to hook in on might loosen it, but I think it you’re aware of it, an occasional squeeze of the clip is an easy way to make sure it stays tight. Also, a simple nylon wrap or short bungee cord could remove any doubt. The other thing about this adapter bar is that the locking process (lining up and passing a pin through two holes, then pulling the clip over to the other side to lock the pin) a little more cumbersome than all the others that require a simple swing or slide to lock. Add to this the other placement of a rubber wrap around the pin and may a bungee cord around the locking clip, and it will take a little more time to put on and take off this adapter. I feel that even with these minor shortcomings, the Allen adapter bar is an excellent product. The lower price makes up for the slightly less convenient application. -Read Reviews-

Model 900B

Creates a top tube for non-conventional frames

Internal spring keeps your bikes secure.

Plastic coated hooks protect bicycle’s finish.

Lifetime on workmanship and materials

Price is right, and it works just as described. I followed the suggestion from other reviewers. What I did to protect the bike frame was to purchase a pool noodle, cut a piece, cut to open a side and attach it to the pin. Scratch problem resolved and stays in place.

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