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Earth Wind and Fire music brings back memories of my best time in College (1974-78). Loved their music then and now and for me its like a time machine transporting back to great times. A lot of people just like their music but for me that’s only one aspect as Earth Wind and Fire also dealt with some very deep and profound spiritual principles such as in Head to the Sky, Reasons, and Masquerade for example Check it out!

Product description No Description Available.Genre: Soul/R&BMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 27-JUL-1999 Not exactly a concept album, All ‘n All (1977) nevertheless was Earth, Wind & Fire’s biggest attempt yet at making a big statement. With several interludes providing musical links–and cultural and spiritual heavies such as Shakespeare and Buddha depicted on an inside-cover spread–it had all the trappings of a major extravaganza, while keeping the songs at radio-friendly lengths. That those songs included the perfectly named “Serpentine Fire” and the Stevie Wonder-style brotherhood anthem “Fantasy” helped make the record one of EW&F’s most popular: as of the mid ’90s, 3 million copies had shipped. This sparkling remaster includes three bonus demo, live, and alternate-mix cuts. –Rickey Wright




All ‘N All Review


WOW! I grew up with this Wonderful, Spiritual, Exceptionally, Gifted Band. I have nothing but Praises for, and to them. The spiritual aspect of their music, the level of commitment, the exceptional lyrics, the soulful and exceptional singing, their stage performances, the way they are as a band, is unparalleled. While others were experimenting with drugs to make music and take them higher – Earth, Wind & Fire was in tuned with the cosmic universe. Using Yoga, meditation, horoscopes, trusting in God and not letting drugs and such interfere in the quality of music and lifestyles they lived. It’s no wonder they sound so good because they were singing, playing their instruments, performing from their hearts and souls. That’s why you can listen to them and they take you on this journey, while all the while you’re saying, "Man, these guys are fantastic!" Their harmonies and melodies are FANTASTIC!. THIS ALBUM – BEYOND AWESOME! I played it for a group of people and they just stood still, some cried, others reminisced and could tell the exact time they heard every single track and how they felt. BE EVER WONDERFUL. …..stay as you are; SERPENTINE FIRE. ….gonna tell a story story, morning Glory all about the Serpentine Fire; FANTASY. ……….Every Man Has A Place, In His Heart There’s A Place and the world can’t erase his Fantasy -LISTEN TO THIS SONG MAN! ARE YOU NUTS! THIS IS WHAT MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT! It should take you to a place and make you feel better but also do better, inside. This is what EWF’S music does. Oh, where was I? Listening to this wonderful music that’s where. Keep your eyes on JUPITER, being A Sag, I get it, their whole vibe and mission. LOVE’S HOLIDAY. …….Would You Mind. …SWEET! BEIJO – BRAZILIAN RHYME. …..ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVES! Love the longer version of this tune. I WRITE THE SONG. ….You guys sure do and no one does it better, must be those MAGIC MINDS. Did you ever listen to RUNNIN? Listen to it and tell me, these guys are not only deep rooted in soul but in Jazz, too. For real. But when you’re this talented, you can do any style of music. Earth, Wind & Fire. …Praise be thy name. My kids know you and listen to you and they love your music. You have to hip the young ones on exceptional musical artists. Their minds are too great to be lowered with the type of stuff they’re putting out now. How can their souls be uplifted, when it’s being lowered and corrupted? BE EVER WONDERFUL. …………GET THEM HIP TO EARTH, WIND & FIRE. PRAISE BE THY NAME. A true fan. Brings tears to my eyes, joy to my heart, and love to my soul. SWEET! A group came along and did it RIGHT. God Bless. Peace & Love, Forever. -Read Reviews-

Excellent album, Great music, Great interpretationMy best favorite R&B and Pop group of all time.

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