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All About Me! (FUN FLAPS) [Board book] Hardcover – 2008 by DK Publishing (Author)

This book is great for really young ones and toddlers. My son is 22 months and still really likes it. It is great because it gets the child to participate with identifying their eyes,hands,legs, etc. At the end it references hugging mommy so I always give my boy a big hug and he loves it. I have bought copies as shower gifts since it is good for even newborns because it gets you to interact with them. Check it out!

All About Me! (FUN FLAPS) [Board book] Hardcover – 2008 by DK Publishing (Author) Review

This and only a few other books my daughter has are truly well loved. My daughter is a little weird in that she doesn’t want to read books before bed. She wants to read first thing in the morning after her bottle. We’ve been reading books for over six months, and she’s now approaching her first birthday. I choose two books from her shelf, and let her choose which one to read first. If this is one of the offerings, she’ll choose this one first. After we read two books, I let her choose which of the two books she wants in her crib with her so she can look at it as much as she wants. She usually chooses this one. She especially loves the first little girl pictured, and gets really excited when I first open the book. I am now reordering this book, because the other was so well loved that one of the flaps is ripped off. I also have to reorder Goodnight Moon for all the love she’s shown it. -Read Reviews-

My son enjoys photographs. He loved this book before he was 1 year old – now he is 18 months and not as interested. The book goes through certain body parts, e.g. eyes, hands, arms. One page reads “I have little hands”, open the flap “that wave bye bye!” He learned to wave bye-bye and from another page, arms “reaching high. ” The flaps are not small – they are actually extensions of the pages, folded over.

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