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All Aboard

I have just re-ordered this album. Being a long-time JD fan, I had it once, several years ago but was dismayed to find it missing. I never even knew that it was considered a “children’s album”, as the songs could easily appeal to anyone. Yes, the songs are about trains, but whether you are interested in the subject matter or not, this is a must-have for anyone who likes John Denver. It may not be his very best work (actually that’s just a matter of opinion), but it certainly is right up there amongst them!If you like trains, have kids who like trains, or you like historical American songs, or just like John Denver, you won’t be disappointed with this. Check it out!




All Aboard Review


Beautiful collection of train songs. Denver is in fine voice throughout. The vocals on "Waiting For A Train" harken back to the days of hobos and a simpler time, and will break your heart. -Read Reviews-

Oddly none of the songs here were written by John Denver. I believe this is the last album he released before his untimely death. My youngest son loves all things related to trains and started by seeing some youtube videos set to some of the songs off this album. He enjoys it thoroughly as does the rest of the family. All the music has some train related theme and range from country, bluegrass, or even worksongs. All in all a nice album.

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