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Alex & Eliza: A Love Story (Thorndike Press Large Print Literacy Bridge Series) Hardcover – Large Print, July 5, 2017 by Melissa de la Cruz (Author)

Melissa de la Cruz brought to life an enchanting and delightful romance in ALEX & ELIZA. Based on the imagined courtship of two historical figures, the story seamlessly weaves together fact with fiction, resulting in a tale that is interesting and engaging, that sparks curiosity about the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, and that gives these two real-life characters personality and voice. It is a captivating and thoroughly enjoyable read that will have readers who dont already know running to Wikipedia to find out what happens next. In Revolutionary America, there was little time and opportunity for romance. Marriages were practical, meant to strengthen alliances, join together two families, pass along wealth in exchange for title, rid a household of the burden of providing for their of age daughters. But when Alex met Eliza, he couldnt help but fall for her beauty, her wit, her more unassuming and practical nature. And although he knew that he didnt have a name or wealth to offer her, he hoped she might see past that to the man he was and would be. Eliza didnt want to like the handsome, charming and chivalrous aide-de-camp to Washington. Not when it was Alex who delivered the news of her fathers court-martial and went on to prosecute him for dereliction of duty. But his appreciation for her assistance with the troops and his affection for her that was unwavering for the more than two years since their first meeting, made it impossible for her not to return those feelings. But without letting his intentions be known to her and her family, they couldnt have a proper courtship. And with her familys insistence on marrying off their daughters posthaste and preferably to suitors of means, there was no time for Alex to prove himself worthy of courting Eliza. Which meant that if her family decided on a more suitable match for their daughter, any future they had hoped for together would be gone, and they would both remain forever heartbroken. Melissa de la Cruz adds in just the right amounts of history to make her story feel authentic and yet still keep it entertaining. She brings in humor to keep things light. And she keeps the focus on the subtle flirtations, the witty banter, the stolen moments that make up the romance between Alex and Eliza. For those readers who are just being introduced to Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, ALEX & ELIZA promises to be a wonderful, sweet, and hopeful love story. Those who know a bit more about the two may find it a touch more bittersweet. But all who read this bewitching and irresistible romance will fall in love with Alex and Eliza’s love story and wish for it to be true. Check it out!

Review Praise for Alex & Eliza: A Love Story:A New York Times Bestseller! “de la Cruz has struck while the iron is hot and shone a light on the extraordinary wife of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Schuyler. . . . Fans of the musical will be excited to see this novel.”—School Library Journal“Broadway fans and lovers of Melissa de la Cruz’s romance and page-turning intrigue will unite over her new book.”—Justine “De la Cruz expertly expounds on the articulate, impressive Alex and intelligent, passionate Eliza, bringing them to life in a skillful, genuine way.”—RT Book Reviews “Part fact and part fiction, Alex and Eliza: A Love Story will definitely get you (or your teen) excited about history.”—PopSugar “Do you listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical soundtrack on repeat? Then, the next logical step is to read this YA love tale.”—PopCrush “The picture perfect historical romance combined with Melissa de la Cruz’s sharp, heartfelt writing makes this the perfect spring read.”— –This text refers to an alternate Hardcover edition.

Alex & Eliza: A Love Story (Thorndike Press Large Print Literacy Bridge Series) Hardcover – Large Print, July 5, 2017 by Melissa de la Cruz (Author) Review

An unexpected view of Hamilton. -Read Reviews-

My daughter absolutely loves this book!

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