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Air Hawk Pro Cordless Tire Inflator

This product will not air up car tires, It is pure junk. Amazon says I cannot return this product, which is pure BS. Check it out!

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Tire Inflator – As Seen On TV The Air Hawk Pro is a hand-held, cordless air compressor that is fast, easy to use and extremely convenient. Traditional hand pumps are difficult to use and are clumsy. The Air Hawk Pro is easier, faster and far more efficient. You no longer need to drive to the gas station for air or pull out a large, bulky air compressor. The Air Hawk Pro inflates any tire in just seconds. The Air Hawk features a digital LED pressure gauge so you can see the pressure as you pump. It also features an auto stop feature that can be set to automatically shut off when it reaches the desired air pressure. The Air Hawk is durable and made to last. The Air Hawk features 3 different nozzles so you can pump up: inflatable toys, sports equipment, bike tires and car/suv/rv tires. It features a rechargeable battery.

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Tire Inflator Review

Worst product ever, got this for my husband since he’s a gadget guy. Took forever to arrive, charged all night for barley 5 minutes of very sub par air flow. Would only get 1 car tire close to the 36 psi. The price for this fluctuates more than oil! -Read Reviews-

Pin attachments for all valves

Rechargeable battery & charger

12v car adapter

I paid for upgrade. Did not get they will not refund all the costs. Advertising case and light. Did not get. The company will do nothing. Valves don’t work on most things like toys, tubes, certain bikes.

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