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Air Hawk Pro Cordless Tire Inflator AS SEEN ON TV!!

It works great. The instructions are not very good, I had to figure out that you don’t need an adapter attachment for bikes tires. It is really easy to use, but the instructions included are minimal. You have to use your basic mechanical common sense. Check it out!

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Tire Inflator – As Seen On TV The Air Hawk Pro is a hand-held, cordless air compressor that is fast, easy to use and extremely convenient. Traditional hand pumps are difficult to use and are clumsy. The Air Hawk Pro is easier, faster and far more efficient. You no longer need to drive to the gas station for air or pull out a large, bulky air compressor. The Air Hawk Pro inflates any tire in just seconds. The Air Hawk features a digital LED pressure gauge so you can see the pressure as you pump. It also features an auto stop feature that can be set to automatically shut off when it reaches the desired air pressure. The Air Hawk is durable and made to last. The Air Hawk features 3 different nozzles so you can pump up: inflatable toys, sports equipment, bike tires and car/suv/rv tires. It features a rechargeable battery.

Air Hawk Pro Cordless Tire Inflator AS SEEN ON TV!! Review

Just what I expected, great! -Read Reviews-

Rechargeable battery & charger

12v car adapter

Pin attachments for all valves

I bought this portable cordless tire worked fine on my car tires but it did NOT work on my bike tires. There is a nozzle missing for inflating regular road bike tires! I called the company and they were not able to help me out. An old lady who knew nothing about the product answered the phone and I was never connected with a technician or an engineer. After a substantial wait the lady said that her friend told her that the regular nozzle for car tires OUGHT to work for bike tires. This is NOT the case!!!Since inflating car and bike tires were the main reason for me buying this product I cannot give this product more than one star, especially since I paid full price for this product. The advertising for this product is FALSE, the 3 nozzles that are included do NOT allow to inflate regular road bike tires. Smarter engineering could have prevented this problem.

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