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Aidonger Unisex Canvas Travel Bag Duffel Bag Weekend Bag with Strap

This mid size canvas bag is built really well. Mine measured 20" long, but with the expanding zippers open, it grew to 24" long. Mine also measured in at 10" tall by 10" deep. It has a set of 2 grab handles with a velcro closure to hook them together to make it easy to carry with one hand. It also has a really nice what looks to be heavy duty shoulder strap on it as well. As for pockets, there’s lots of them!- 2 in front (large and small, both zippered- 2 at each end- full 10" x 10" sections – zippered- 1 on the back – zippered- 2 on inside at front – cell phone sized – non-zippered- 1 on inside at back – zippered, wallet or cash sizedThe canvas itself feels really nice and sturdy. Definitely not the cheap stuff. The stitching looks to be really heavy duty as well and all of the straps are generously wide and feel really well built. The shoulder strap has really nice metal clips on each end that hook to metal hoops on the bag as well. It’s also adjustable and the adjusting metal piece can be set under the shoulder canvas piece that’s movable on the shoulder strap. So, now, how much will it hold. The answer? A LOT!I was able to fit ten large books that are 9. 25" tall x 6. 5" long x 2" thick inside the bag with the expanding zippers open. With the books in the bag I still had room in each of the side pockets and the front and back pouch as well. The bag also balanced the load really well too. There’s a semi solid bottom piece inside the bottom of the bag that helps stabilize the bottom (you know, so when you stick ten really large books in there it lays flat). I’m really impressed with how much it held. It easily gobbled up all 10 of those books without a problem at all. I’d imagine this would make a great travel bag or camping bag to throw in the truck with all your clothes. It’ll easily hold about 2 to 3 days worth of clothes for me. I loved how big the side pockets are on it too. They’re each about 2" wide and are the full 10×10 spacing too. Toiletries could go in one side and all of my chargers for my electronics could go in the other. Nice!As far as durability, the canvas itself is really nice and thick in feel. I would feel confident traveling with this bag through any airport or trip I want to take–it’s that thick and could easily take a beating. There’s rubber feet on the bottom of it too to help it grip. Can’t speak to how water resistant it is (didn’t feel like soaking mine), but it feels thick enough that in a small rainstorm, I think it’d easily keep everything inside nice and dry. OverallIf you’re looking for a nice, mid-size travel bag or duffle bag, you’re going to love this thing. It’s well built, it’s gargantuan inside, it has loads of pockets, and it’ll easily handle just about any abuse you can throw at it. It’ll also flatten down to a fraction of it’s size for storage too. I love mine and plan on using it a lot! Pick one up & you’ll probably enjoy yours too. Also, I absolutely love the blue color! It’s a really rich, dark blue that’s hard to capture with the camera, but man I like it! That’s a preference thing, but if you’re into blue–this one is nice!* I received this item in exchange for a review * Check it out!

Aidonger Unisex Canvas Travel Bag Duffel Bag Weekend Bag Shoulder Bag with Strap – Made of high density cotton canvas and zips, robust, classic and fashion. – Freely adjustable shoulder strap buckle, you can adjust it according to your height and comfort requirements. – Scientific and reasonable pocket lining design make your goods lay in the bag systematically. – There is a handle on the top of the bag, it can be used as a tote bag. – It's a very good Cavas Weekender Bag for working, traveling, school and daily using.

Aidonger Unisex Canvas Travel Bag Duffel Bag Weekend Bag with Strap Review

Perfect weekend bag for the moderate packer, not the clothes horse. Just enough room for several clothes changes and toiletries. Side pockets are nice for extra stuff like shoes, hats, electronics. The extra two expansion zippers unlock another 4 inches of main storage total – 2 inches either side. The construction is robust as the material is a thick canvas that is fairly soft. The interior is lined. The bag is not rigid and can collapse down to a couple of inches. The straps are well stitched and reinforced with rivets. The zippers all work smoothly with no binding or skipping teeth. This bag appears to be well constructed to last. -Read Reviews-


Made in China

Cotton lining

Hand wash

25 centimeters wide

Made from high quality thick canvas, texture is soft, strong and durable, carry comfortable, multiple pockets make the classification more convenient

Dimensions: appr. 53 * 25 * 30cm (Large Capacity). Several compartments (big & small) are used to store and carry your items comfortably. Please notice the size

I traveled through four European cities and was able to initially get everything I took there in the bag and bring it on as a carryon in the flight there. Due to purchases and it’s ability to expand I then was able to make it larger and check it in on my way home. It is quite well constructed and I foresee many future trips. I also used packing cube which fit in it perfectly allowing me a simple way to pack and travel.

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